[Wikinews-l] New quiz template [for en wn]

bawolff bawolff+wn at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 06:30:35 UTC 2008

Due to the problems with having the weekly quiz updated, I thought it
might get updated more often if the quiz had simpler syntax (lower bar
of entry to make a new quiz). Anyways, I made a template that allows
people to use that lovely template syntax we all know and love and are
used to, and hides away the features of <quiz> we don't use.
Basically, you can make a quiz like this:

|Q1=First question
|Q1A=first choice
|Q1B=second choice
...and so on up to E
|Q1ans=A [letter of correct answer]
|Q1rel=See [[some article]] [the text printed beside question after its marked]

...and so on for Q2, Q3, all the way to a maximun of Q60...

I think people are more used to this syntax due to almost everything
else mediawiki uses it, the paramters give hints to what they do (thus
are clearer), and it reduces features we don't use that could confuse
people. Hope this is useful to someone, and any comments are


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