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Taiwan's ICT industries eye market of next-generation networks

Jun 3, Taipei

Welcome to Computex Taipei - the largest ICT B2B exhibition in Asia. This year's events include Computex Taipei Forum - NGN 2008, Taiwan's most influential conference about next-generation networks (NGNs).

In 2008, the converging streams of digital technologies across ICT, convergence among communications, Internet, entertainment and media will continue to gather momentum. NGN is the magic wand to live a digital lifestyle in a civilized world. It would transform the way people work, live and do business. The resulting new systems and business models will encourage innovative collaboration across countries, industries and technologies.

As the indicator of the global IT industries, Taiwan will surely not miss the chance to lead the vogue. That is why we hold this forum to encourage participants to join high-level debate on an exciting range of topics, tackling core issues underpinning the NGN.

Computex Taipei Forum-NGN 2008 starts by providing opportunities for industry networking and a meeting of the minds. It also provides a platform for strategic partnerships and business deals among ICT industry players, policy makers and thought leaders. This event is directed by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs; organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taipei Computer Association; and operated by the Committee for Communications Industry Development, Dempa Publications, Inc. and the Institute of Information Industry.

The Computex Taipei Forum organizers have invited a stellar line-up of speakers to discuss wired and wireless broadband infrastructures, services and technologies as the key to next-generation networks.

Special Presentation (June 4, 09:30~10:00, Room 3 - 5)
Delivering speed, agility and reliability in the new global virtual economy
Mr. John Mulligan ,Director, Network Engineering, AT&T Asia Pacific

AT&T, the world's largest communications company, is investing over US$1billion in 2008 to expand and enhance its global network to meet the ever-increasing demands of multinational corporations. From AT&T's perspective, next generation networks need to be more resilient, more intelligent and more diverse to support increasingly complex applications, as well as sophisticated, unified communications tools. At the same time, as the global economy becomes more heavily dependent on worldwide communications networks, security has become a critical factor. John Mulligan, Director of Network Engineering AT&T Asia Pacific, will discuss AT&T's strategy for deploying its next generation network

Keynote Speech 1 (June 4, 10:00~10:30, Room 3 - 5)
Powering the revolution in consumers' multimedia experience – The Business of Innovation
Mr. René Penning de Vries, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors is a top 10 semiconductor company founded by Philips more than 50 years ago. The company has 37,000 employees working in more than 20 countries and posted sales of USD 6.3 billion in 2007. NXP creates semiconductors, system solutions and software that deliver better sensory experiences in mobile phones, TVs, set-top boxes, identification applications, cars and a wide range of other electronic devices. NXP is strongly committed in R&D with annual investment of about $1.4 billion and 26 R&D centers located in 12 countries. Innovation has propelled the semiconductor industry, pushing the boundaries of size, speed and volume, and, in turn, enabling the consumer electronics revolution. Innovation is the basis of the knowledge economy. Wireless Sensor Network is an innovation sample for NXP. NXP has comitted to Greater China region. Our innovation in Taiwan and China including Asia's first Die-Level Failure Analysis Centre in Taiwan, investment in NXP Dongguan factory and so on. In summary, innovation makes the semiconductor industry tick, and partnering and collaboration is embedded in NXP's strategy.

Keynote Speech 2 (June 4, 10:30~11:00, Room 3 - 5)
Advancing the Mobile User Experience
Mr. Seshu Madhavapeddy, General Manager, Mobile Internet Devices Business Unit, Texas Instruments

Over the next decade, TI sees a future where technology must support and complement a more consumer friendly experience where the user is king, once again. Technology will intuitively adapt to individual interests, recognizing unique environments, location, culture and preferred method of communication and really merit the name SMARTphones. Those that successfully meet this challenge will thrive in the fast-growing and high-value smartphone (and feature phone) segments of the wireless market. Handset manufacturers across the world are taking advantage of TI's OMAP applications processors to carve out their own place in this market with innovative products that deliver new capabilities and an improved mobile user experience. This session will explore this market opportunity.

Keynote Speech 3 (June 4, 11:00~11:30, Room 3 - 5)
Delivering on the Promise of Mobile Internet
Mr. Luis Pineda, Senior VP, Marketing & Product Management, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies 

Within the coming few years, wireless technology will have diversified into nearly every segment of the computing and consumer device market, bringing a new level of connectivity to everyday life. As people around the world become increasingly mobile, the expectation will be for ubiquitous access to mobile Internet that is instant, seamless and transparent. For the first time, the reality of truly mobile Internet is possible.

The factors that will lead to this evolution of connectivity are a dramatic jump in mobile processing capabilities to enable pocketable devices that carry a user's computing state; ubiquitous mobile broadband networks that span the globe; and a broad range of compelling services and applications that rely on wireless to invisibly provide the real-time information that modern life requires.

By combining unsurpassed low-power processing, a comprehensive range of connectivity capabilities and powerful multimedia with an unprecedented level of integration, the features of Qualcomm's new Snapdragon platform are a true indicator of the types of future devices that will change the way people interact with technology.

Keynote Speech 4 (June 4, 11:30~12:00, Room 3 - 5)
The Digital Housing Revolution 
Mr. Ken Liu , Director, Digital Home R&D Office, Farglory Land Development Co., Ltd

Land development programs at Farglory are dedicated to exploring ideas for better living in modern family homes, using connections to the Internet and to digital systems. Since 2005, Farglory has been helping families maximize the advantages of wireless broadband, remote surveillance equipment, E-learning, FTTH, fingerprint identification systems, tele-health care, remote, NFC mobile phone for home entrance-guard security, U-City digital service platform and IPv6.

A constant corporate goal has been to combine emerging and cutting-edge technologies and architectures to reinforce convenience and control within the household. Through these activities, Farglory has become a pioneer in the construction industry. Now the company aims to establish a "digital family blueprint" upon which to build new and better digital family lifestyles for the next 100 years.

NGN Driver Track, Session1 (June 4, 13:00~13:40, Room 3)
The new Individual TV Experience
Mr. Yun Chao Hu, Steering Group Chairman, Open IPTV Forum

The presentation addresses the market needs for a forum that addresses the interoperability aspects of the emerging IPTV market. The vision of the Open IPTV Forum is presented which is based on the 3 pillars of Personalization, Interactivity and Communication. Furthermore it illustrates the key success factors of the key technologies within the Open IPTV Forum that ensures a converged IPTV solution that addresses blended TV and communication services independent of the access technology. The Open IPTV Forum also addresses the increased interactivity within the home domain allowing different device profiles implementing the Open IPTV Specifications. Finally a list of the membership will be presented.

NGN Driver Track, Session2 (June 4, 13:40~14:20, Room 3)
Mitsubishi Electric Optical Data Transmission Technology
Mr. Koji Ono, , Deputy GM, Global Telecomm. Strategy and Marketing Dept., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO) is the world No. 1 vendor in the Optical Data Transmission Equipment market including Passive Optical Network (PON) equipment. The presentation includes 
-Japanese Broadband Market Situation and Technology
-Mitsubishi Product Major Advantage
-Basic Technology included
-Future Technology Trend

NGN Driver Track, Session3 (June 4, 14:20~15:00, Room 3)
The Maturity of EPON-Based Fiber Networks – 5 Years and More Than 10 million Subscribers
Mr. Greg Caltabiano, President & CEO of Teknovus Inc.

1) PON networks have been in the field for more than 5 years now, tremendous "live traffic" experiences from deploying, running and maintaining PON networks
a. More than 35 service providers - spanning from PTTs to mobile to independents to rural, across 5 continents
b. Large ecosystem - from optics to system vendors

2) Technology developments
from 1G to 2G to 10G with co-existence
Traffic management
Optical monitoring

3) Market Maturity:
Market segmentations - from single family homes to MTUs to Enterprises
Customer premises equipment – H/G, PoE, SFPs

Networks Driver Track, Session1 (June 4, 13:00~13:40, Room 5)
WILLCOM True Wireless Broadband
Mr. Yoshioki Chika, Director Executive Vice President, WILLCOM. Inc.

This presentation provides information of a BWA system based on Micro Cell technologies utilize experience of PHS operation since 1995. Dec. 2007, Japanese government has issued 2 of frequency band license of 2.5GHz band for KDDI with WiMAX and WILLCOM with this BWA system which is originally developed in Japan. Micro Cell system provide huge network capacity required for realization "True Wireless Broadband".

Networks Driver Track, Session2 (June 4, 13:40~14:20, Room 5)
Near Future with Mobile Internet Navigation Device
Mr. Tetsuo Hata, Senior Manager, Product Planning Dept., Sales & Marketing Division, Clarion Co., Ltd.

Hitachi CIS (Car Information Systems) solution 
Collaboration of Hitachi group 
Introduction of Mobile Internet Navigation Device
Example of usage scenario

Networks Driver Track, Session3 (June 4, 14:20~15:00, Room 5)
HD-PLC: New Possibilities, New Connections!
Mr. Eiji (Ed) Kobayashi, CEO and President, HD-PLC Alliance
Mr. Chenyi Chiu Strategic Program Manager, HD-PLC Alliance Office of North America,

Power Line Communication (PLC) is appearing as a promising candidate for building a society that connects everyone and every piece of equipment, where everyone can use "people-friendly" networks without having to consider what equipment or wiring is required.

Established in September 2007, the HD-PLC Alliance aims to expand the use of the HD-PLC fast power line communication technology and further improve communication compatibility among products employing HD-PLC.

Spread of HD-PLC is expected to accelerate with the incorporation of HD-PLC modules into various IT-based consumer products. We are endeavoring to promote healthy development of the PLC market in order to help progress the broadband networks.

NGN Enabler Track, Session1 (June 4, 13:00~13:40, Room 4)
Compression Technology Immerses NGN Consumer in HD
Mr. Michael Thuresson, Product Planning Manager, Digital Video Business Group, NTT Electronics Corp.

Highlighting NGN Content and Delivery, starts with a discussion and live demonstration of HDTV broadcast compression technologies by NTT Electronics. NTT Electronics is a leader in digital video, and uses state-of-the-art technologies to develop LSI devices and equipment for video processing and communications.

NGN Enabler Track, Session2 (June 4, 13:40~14:20, Room 4)
Laying the Content Delivery Path to the Home
Mr. Trent Wheeler, Director, Product Management, Macrovision Solutions Corp.

This session will examine the next steps in bringing the consumer closer to having a more complete choice of devices with which to enjoy that content.

Trent Wheeler, director of product management at Macrovision will explore some of the current holes in the equation, including the current disconnect between CE manufacturers and content providers, the need for open standards - such as DLNA and UPnP - so that products work together seamlessly, and the incompatibility of proprietary DRM technologies. Join Trent in discussing the role software plays in helping to increase convenience for consumers while enabling new business models and revenue streams for content providers

NGN Enabler Track, Session3 (June 4, 14:20~15:00, Room 4)
Building an Ecosystem for Mobile Broadband
Mr. Ulf Rydin, Director Product Management Mobile Broadband Modules, Ericsson

There are already more than 165 commercially deployed HSPA networks in more than 75 countries. What's more, a burgeoning ecosystem of mobile broadband devices and services has emerged around the technology. For example, there are more than 400 HSPA-enabled devices on the market-including phones, notebooks, PC modems and wireless routers.

Ericsson sees mobile broadband being integrated into notebook PCs and other devices in three waves: first in notebooks aimed at business users; second in notebooks aimed at consumers; and third in other consumer electronic devices such as MIDs, GPS navigators, in-car entertainment systems, gaming devices and cameras to name a few.

By 2011, analysts predict that almost 200 million notebooks will ship annually, and Ericsson believes that at least half of these will have HSPA embedded modules.

Grand Panel Discussion (June 4, 15:10~16:30, Room 3 - 5)
Mr. John C. C. Hsueh, Senior VP & CTO of Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.,
Mr. Kiminori Sato, Vice President, Global Business Office, Technology Innovation Dept., NTT West Corp., Mr. Hyungsoo Kim, Ph.D., Principal Researcher, Strategy & Planning office of KT Corp. 
Mr. John Mulligan, Director of Network Engineering, AT&T Asia Pacific
Mr. Thomas Huang Vice President of D-Link Corp. Telecom Business Center will form the panel.
Mr. Yuji Inoue, Ph.D., Fellow of IEEE & IEICE, President & CEO of the Telecommunication Technology Committee of Japan will serve as moderator.

Outline of Panel Discussion
These industry leaders tackle several topics central to the evolution of next-generation networks, starting with the idea of an all-over-IP network, and how it will change the capabilities of service providers. Panelists also will take a look at the progress in broadband, the companion technologies that are emerging, and the different strategies that competing companies will adopt to address NGN trends. Panel members and the moderator also will share their views on marketing issues, demand, regional growth, cost control and new business models relevant to NGNs.

Special Briefing by Mr. Kiminori Sato,
Today, the Internet users worry about the quality and security of the network. Telecom carriers face to the decline of voice-related revenue and increase in investment for IP network while maintaining the existing network. NTT decided seamless migration form telephone and metallic access network to IP and optical fiber access network in its mid-term management strategy. At present, Japan's broadband networks are the world's fastest and lowest cost, and the number of NTT's FTTH user reaches about 9 million. NTT started NGN service over FTTH infrastructure at this March. NTT intends to enlarge NGN service area up to entire current fiber access area by the end of FY 2010.

Special Briefing by Mr. Hyungsoo Kim, Ph.D
- Identifying the driving forces towards NGN
- Introducing BcN (Broadband Converged Network)
- Understanding the implementation scenario and strategies applied in KT
- Looking into further considerations for deploying NGN

Special Briefing by Mr. Yuji Inoue, Ph.D.,
NGN standardization started in 2004 as the Focused Group in ITU-T, and its first release was completed in 2006.

Standardized NGN architecture is very unique and attractive to satisfy various customers ranging from leading edge enterprises to ordinal consumers, since it enables wide variety of network capabilities.

BT started to construct NGN, 21 Century Network, firstly for VoIP to reduce network costs.  NTT started NGN, FLET'S HIKSARI Next, this March mainly for new services and new revenues targeting 3-play or 4-play.

This panel focuses on NGN technical features, its attractiveness from different stakeholders , and migrations plans.

Press Conference (in English) (June 4, 16:40~17:00, VIP Room)
Immediately after the grand panel discussion, the press conference will take place in the nearby VIP Room. AT&T, NTT West, KT, Chunghwa Telecom and D-Link will participate. You are cordially invited to attend. There will be a special lucky draw program after the press conference.

NGN Forum News Contact (Forum Committee)
Ralph Huang
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Tel: +886-2-2726-2230

NGN Forum Press Reception Center
TWTC 2F, Room 3, 4, 5. (Jun 4 09:20~17:10)

Onsite Receptionist
Annie Chin
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E-mail: annie at chinacom.tw

About Computex Taipei Forum - NGN 2008
This event is directed by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs; organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taipei Computer Association; and operated by the Committee for Communications Industry Development, Dempa Publications, Inc. and the Institute for Information Industry since 2002.

It provides a venue for network operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers to discuss the challenges of building NGNs. Leading executives will offer ideas for new business models, and will meet with the Taiwan OEMs and ODMs who can provide some of the necessary components for the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Venue: TWTC 2F, Room 3, 4, 5. Date: 09:20~17:10, Jun.4, www.ngntoday.com

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