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Dear fellows,

First of all, apologies for English. I am short of time and resources to get
to somewhere that I can type/read Malayalam.

It would be great if some one could initiate a project to bring the
traditional measuring systems of our state into Wiki. This is a start
<http://ml.wikipedia.org/wiki/കേരളത്തിലെ_പുരാതന_അളവുതൂക്കങ്ങൾ>and some hints
towards expanding would be towards Thola, Nazhi,
Kol, etc etc. if some one can fish out an Enchuvadi (I hope we still get it
there), that may have some of it. It may be worth while to ask our grand
parents, they will have explanations as well. This is something that is
being forgotten and we need to preserve the knowledge for our own sake.

Traditional carpentry tools and measurements should also be covered in

Comments welcome.




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