[Wikimediaindia-l] List of articles that every Indic Wikipedia should have

Shiju Alex shijualexonline at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 03:43:47 UTC 2011

Deal All,

Many of you who are active in Indic language wikipedias know the importance
of the meta list
Few Indic wiki communities had used this list extensively to create the most
important articles in the respective wikipedas. Now more Indic wikis have
started becoming active and I am involved in the community building exercise
of some of the current inactive wikis.

One of the problem that a new wiki community face is about the priority in
the selection of articles that they want to create in the respective
wikipedia. When they ask this question, I always point them the above list
(by default that is my top priority) and also used to handpick few articles
that is relevant to that particular state or language. The issue with the
above list is that it is created from an international perspective. For many
Indic wikipedias many of the articles listed on that page is of not priority
at the early stages of wiki.

Recently few new wikipedians asked *whether a similar list is available for
India related articles*? According to my knowledge, such a list is not
available. Why can't all of us together create such a list (*List of
articles that every Indic Wikipedia should have*) so that it would be of
great help to small or current inactive Indic wikis.

Ashwin Baindur is trying to create an article list for the Indian version of
Wikipedia CD<http://wikimedia.in/wiki/Projects:_Wikipedia_for_Schools/Indian_version>by
selecting India related articles. Since it is a CD we can include more
than 10,000 articles (or even more). But for the list I proposed we require
a maximum of 500 or 1000 Indian related articles. I think some of the
articles from the Indian version of Wikipedia
be reused for this list also. Requesting your help for this. The
selection of the *categories of articles* that need to be included in this
list need to be discussed.  We can have the list in http://wikimedia.in/site.

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