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मराठी भाषा दिवसाच्या सर्वाना शुभेच्छा. 
The information on the occasion of Marathi Bhasha din  
Marathi Bhasha Divasa Greetings. 
On this occasion, we would like to share a few things with you. 
The website www.saakava.com  was launched on May 1, 2010- the Golden Jubilee of 
Maharashtra. The website gives translation of an English sentence into Marathi. 
The Machine Translation software Saakava carries out this translation. The 
software has been somewhat primitive( a pre-beta version) so far. We have been 
improvising it on a regular basis and will continue to do so. A number of 
suggestions from users and sentences tried by the visitors of the website were 
taken into account while making such changes. 

A project of this type dealing with languages belonging to different families of 
languages is very time-consuming and it involves a sizeable financial investment 
also. It could be possibly the first of its type – at least the first which is 
so user-friendly. 

At present, it deals with nearly two lakh words/word groups/phrases. It handles 
types of sentences which a seventh standard student ( from a Marathi medium 
school) is expected to know. The process of incorporating more advanced types of 
sentences is in progress. 

Some experts in the translation studies and profession encouraged us by writing 
e-mails of appreciation. There were some useful suggestions also. A tenth 
standard student form Mumbai, whose mother tongue is not Marathi, wrote that 
Saakava turned out to be useful while studying Marathi. A number of individuals 
helped either directly or indirectly. Many thanks to all of them. 

The version which is being presented on the occasion of Marathi Bhasha Divasa 
has a special feature. It gives Marathi words ( paaribhashik words) for 
technical words from various subjects. Our website gives more details. Of 
course, some other sites also give such lists. Work on branches such as Grammar, 
Ecology and Medicine has been undertaken. It will be very convenient to have 
on-line availability of such words. 

You can participate in this project in a variety of ways : 
1. Please visit the project today. Also, keep on visiting frequently. Since the 
software is being updated regularly, some of the mistakes that you find may have 
been corrected later on. 

2. Sentences that you input are very useful to us. Sentences of various types 
help us in improving the software. 

3. If you find that a particular type of sentence pattern is always incorrect, 
please write to us at Saakava.Suggestion at gmail.com
4. Please forward this email to your friends and those who could be interested 
in English-Marathi translation. 
5. Please try to promote Saakava via forums related to translation, machine 
translation, social networking sites like orkut/facebook and blogs. This will 
allow Saakava to reach a large number of individuals. 

Thanks and best regards. 
Saakava group.

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