[Wikimediaindia-l] (OT) On the importance of Unicode

Gautam John gautam at prathambooks.org
Thu Feb 24 04:48:52 UTC 2011

On 24 February 2011 10:12, Shiju Alex <shijualexonline at gmail.com> wrote:

> Even though Central Government has adopted Unicode as the encoding standard,
> the case is not the same with most State Governments. As far as I know only
> few state goverments (Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Kerala,...) had adopted Unicode
> standard. Many are still in the ASCII era.

Thank you, Shiju. A question - what are the hesitancies for
Governments to move to Unicode as the encoding standards? Is it the
tools they use? The workflow? A legacy issue - "we'll never be able to
open our old files"?

I'm trying to map this space out - it's just that I am coming to see
it as being really really important and want to try and do something

Also, the GoI is slowly making some noises about standards and
openness etc. and I am hoping this are small points that can add up.
For example, the TAGUP report:

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