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Thanks for the information, Mayur. Good to learn about participation from 
neighbouring states as well.
Please upload any pictures taken during the event and share them with us.

- Sundar
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>Dear Wikimedians,
>Here  is a short report of the first workshop for Hindi wiki projects that  was 
>held on 2011 February 12 at Sarai-CSDS, Civil Lines, New Delhi. 
>The workshop was attended by more than 35 participants. The complete list of 
>participants is available at http://hi.wikipedia.org/wiki/विकिपीडिया:हिन्दी विकि 
>कार्यशाला सम्मेलन/नई दिल्ली १
>The  workshop was divided into two sessions. The first session was an  
>Introductory presentation about wiki, Wikipedia, and Hindi wikiprojects.  In the 
>second session we introduced wiki editing to the participants.  There was also a 
>short introduction about WikiBhasha by the  representatives form Microsoft.
>The   participants asked many questions about wiki, Wikimedia Foundation, 
>Wikipedia, sister projects and so on. They also asked some queries  regarding 
>featured articles, protected pages typing tools, policies of  Hindi wikipedia, 
>and so on. The participants are introduced to wiki wiki  editing in a simple 
>way.We also gave them information regarding  transliteration tool and taught 
>them to write in Devanagari on Hindi  wikipedia. 
>At  the end of the workshop all were introduced to WikiBhasha tool by  Microsoft 
>representative, Ashwini.  He demonstrated the tool by  translating an English 
>Wikipedia article to Hindi.
>Since  this is the first Wiki workshop for Hindi there were participants came  
>even from neighboring states like Punjab, UP, and so on.Hindi wiki  community is 
>planning to organize many more workshops in the near  future.
>With Regards
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