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Apologies for repeatedly posting similar information to the list. We've
decided to have one single page for all the GLAM projects in India on a
single page.

Link - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:GLAM/India

For now, we'll have one page. So, I hope Wikipedians from Ahmedabad, Pune,
Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore who have all had or going to have meetings
with Liam may put the information into this one single page. I have created
the page on Wikipedia so that we could point to one single page if necessary
and also get help from GLAM members outside India if needed.

There is a sign-up list and I hope that you will sign up there to
participate in the GLAM project in India. I'll be updating all the
institutes that Liam has already visited and their responses on the page. I
have also added a column for the people who visited the institution so that
we know who has been in touch with what institution.

In the remarks section, feel free to leave any specific request that the
institution made or any specific take-aways from the institution. I'll try
and post all the meetings that has already been done in India and update the

warm regards,
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