[Wikimediaindia-l] Moderation policy on WikimediaIndia-l

Gautam John gautam at prathambooks.org
Mon Feb 14 04:13:55 UTC 2011

Hello Everyone:

I'm using Bala's email because I think he's done a great job of
summarizing the various issues on this thread.

> 1) Why was the election held without informing others of the agenda (the EC
> answered that it was a required step to formalise the organisation per
> registration rules, )

This is correct - while the MoA (apologies, Pradeep) requires this to
have been done post registration - maybe we were wrong in not
communicating this earlier or in a more transparent manner but this
ties in to point two below.

> 2) Why was the delay in communication about the 22 Jan meeting (the EC
> answered that as a formal org now, they cannot issue communiques without
> first having the paperwork in place)

Having been bitten more than once with the legal complexities around
the registration of the Chapter, we wanted to play safe on this and
dot all the i's and cross all the t's before making a public

> 3) Why were the leadership designations changed among the  EC members. (This
> hasnt been answered as far as i know)

It isn't that the designations were changed, so to speak. Post
registration, we had to elect office bearers and during this election,
these posts changes. Hence.

> 4) Why was Praveen's mail moderated ( clearly answered; because it got
> caught in the spam filters due to an embedded HTML)

This would be my assumption too - good faith holds. That said, yes, I
think it would be nice to have a wider representation of admins and
that this is clearly the India list and not the India Chapter list.

Thank you.



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