[Wikimediaindia-l] Google Translation on Indian language Wikipedias & Paid editing

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> fluent in Hindi. So can somebody post a link  or two of translated
> hindi article/s so one can see how to note /notice if an article is
> translated .

While the translated article is posted, there will be a edit summary that
mentions the articles is translated using Google Translation Kit. This can
be seen in recent changes and history. In Tamil Wikipedia, once a user
starts uploading such articles, we mark his user talk page and categorise
him under Google translators so we can review his edits. The articles will
also be categorized under Google translation project and have an info box at
the top so casual users can know it is a Google translated article. For
Wikipedias that don't monitor Google project actively, recent changes /
history is the only way to know.

> would be interested to also what 'google bots' have to
> write besides the article in order to get paid.

In Tamil Wikipedia, earlier they wrote that the article is translated from
particular version of English Wiki article. Later they stopped it. So, they
don't write any thing now. The translated article upload process is a well
coordinated operation between translators and Google and I believe they have
internal tools to review this. So, they don't need to write anything to
prove they translated.

We are also in a process of writing a complete review of the project. It
will have complete details, suggestions and best practices for such a
project. Will post it in a month's time.


> Looking forward for info.
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