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Ashwin Baindur ashwin.baindur at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 11:45:58 UTC 2011

Hi Nikhil,

You had ported an English Wikipedia for Schools to the portable ZIM
file format for distribution. However that edition consists of
articles selected for the Western milieu by SOS Children's Village
Project. It needs tweaking to be relevant to our environment. Plus, we
will need to collect equivalent sets for each Indian Language.
Probably, some wikipedias may not have equivalent inter-wikis and will
need fresh articles written for them.

I have begun listing the articles of the SOS version of Wikipedia for
Schools ( I have the torrent/html version). Once we have listed them
all, we'll customise it for India. It's begun on Wikimedia India as a
Project by me. Find it here :


Warm regards,

Ashwin Baindur

On Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 4:27 PM, Manuel Schneider
<manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch> wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 31.01.2011 19:27, schrieb Jessie Wild:
>> Although it is a couple months away, an easy way to leverage an existing
>> organizational plan would be to tack onto the Chapter's meeting in
>> Berlin at the end of March.  Europe would also be a relatively central
>> meeting place for us.
> would be fine for me - but it should be a day _before_ the chapters
> meeting then as I am participating there as well.
> /Manuel
> --
> Regards
> Manuel Schneider
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