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Paul Selitskas p.selitskas на gmail.com
Ср Май 11 13:27:35 UTC 2011

Друзья, к нам едут гости из Австралии. Идеи? Воркшопы? Встречи?

Не спим, в общем.

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Date: Wed, May 11, 2011 at 1:15 PM
Subject: Conference in Minsk in June
To: Wizardist <p.selitskas на gmail.com>

Hi Paul,
I'm not sure if you know me, I'm this guy:
:-) but I thought I should write to say hello! I will be coming to
Minsk in late June to keynote this conference:
http://www.eifl.net/eifl-2011-general-assembly EIFL is a group of
libraries in developing/transitional nations. They've invited me to
speak on behalf of Wikimedia to show them some ways they can use WP in
their work.

I was wondering a couple of things:
1) could we meet up whilst I'm in town? Perhaps even a "Wikimedians in
Minsk" community meetup?
2) would you like to come to the conference, or are there other
Wikimedians in the area who would be interested? I'm sure they would
give me extra tickets if you want)
3) One of the things they are interested in me doing (aside from the
keynote) is a more practical workshop on how WP works. Perhaps you'd
like to join me in running it?
4) I'd like to know your recommendations if there are things I should
do and see whilst I'm there! :-)

Liam Wyatt / Wittylama

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З павагай,
Павел Селіцкас/Paul Selitskas
Wizardist @ Wikimedia projects
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