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Great breakdown B.
I for one hope to spend some time tomorrow or friday sounding out some
institutions to see if they want to host a "backstage pass" event. I'll
report on progress. Of course, as you say, it is one thing for WM-au to say
"this is what we shall do" and quite another for people to actually do it.
So, the role of WM-au it, as you rightly put it, to support those people who
have the motivation to drive things on.


On 11/19/08, Brianna Laugher <brianna.laugher at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been thinking about how we will plan and map our activities. I
> can see basically four strands for activities:
> 1. Outreach
> 2. (WMF project) content focussed
> 3. Community-strengthening
> 4. Support/admin tasks
> 1: Outreach
> Primarily aimed at increasing the awareness of people outside our own
> community of the Wikimedia projects and free culture concepts. These
> activities can be targetted at specific audiences (eg educators) or
> the general public.
> Could be public events (Wikipedia Academy, talks, publications) or
> private (talking to particular groups at their request). Lobbying
> activities might fit under here too.
> 2: Content focussed activities
> Primarily aimed at improving and expanding content of one or more
> Wikimedia projects (or MediaWiki development).
> Could be online only (eg "Australian Collaboration of the Fortnight"
> on enwp, although this is not a WMAU activity), or in real life events
> such as Wikisource scan parties, attending events to write about for
> Wikinews, photography events for Wikimedia Commons, booksprints for
> Wikibooks.
> Could also include partnering with appropriate groups to push their
> content into Wikimedia.
> 3: Community strengthening
> Primarily aimed at increasing goodwill and sense of community among
> Australian Wikimedians.
> eg. Meetups. Lots of content focussed activities can also have a
> community-strengthening component (just by working together).
> 4: Support/admin.
> Keeping up with legal and WMF requirements, responding to members and
> potential members, press, merch, fundraising, legal (hopefully not
> :)), producing publications.
> Obviously some of these also cross over, eg press and fundraising can
> also be outreach.
> The good thing about content-focussed and community-strengthening
> events is that they can (and IMO probably should) be mainly driven
> just by one or a few people's enthusiasm. WMAU can assist where events
> need to intersect with "the real world" (eg organising a venue,
> possibly advertising).
> So I guess our role there is to try to encourage and empower people to
> organise such events, in a bottom-up fashion. As well as reach out to
> institutions where appropriate.
> I would also like to see us set up a small grants scheme, for members
> to get reimbursement for concrete Wikimedia-beneficial activities, eg
> printing brochures for a stall, travel costs for speakers.
> For this I think we can basically copy the approach of Linux Australia
> <http://linux.org.au/projects/grants/> although probably revise down
> their $ limits. I imagine this would get looked at after the AGM.
> So I guess I see a lot of our tasks for the next few months being
> support/admin tasks, setting up things like accepting donations,
> ?organising merch, getting all the basic kinds of documents we need
> written.
> There are heaps and heaps of great ideas already at
> <http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Australia/Activities> and I
> am sure there are more out there in people's heads. My question is,
> how can we know where we should begin?
> My personal preference is for activities where members are willing to
> contribute time/effort to make them happen. :)
> cheers
> Brianna
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