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Well, I would suggest spelling "participatory" correctly (=p), but other 
than that, it sounds like a splendid idea; one that I'd be happy to lend a 
hand in.


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> Hi,
> I mentioned this briefly in last week's minutes, but this week we
> finalised it all, so I will talk about it in a bit more detail. I am
> happy to say that we are going to work on a joint publication with
> Creative Commons Australia (CCau), to be launched at the "Free as in
> Freedom" miniconf I am organising at the Linux conference in late
> January. (<http://freeasinfreedom.modernthings.org/>)
> I still haven't figured out a good name for it (possibly "Handbook for
> Partipatory Culture in Australia", but gosh that's long), but it will
> basically be a good companion to the miniconf, with brief
> intro/overviews to lots of themes that we are familiar with relating
> to openness and freedom - see the initial list here:
> <http://wikimedia.org.au/wiki/Participatory_Culture_Primer> And there
> will be some "essential links" for each topic, as well as information
> particular to the Australian context.
> Basically it will work like this: we supply all the content, they
> supply the layout and printing. I think it is an excellent plan that
> plays to the strengths of both groups. We should supply the content by
> the end of December or earlier. Of course it will be under a free
> license, probably CC-BY-SA.
> This is an idea I came up with when I was planning my miniconf and
> thinking about what themes to include. I thought writing a bit about
> each one would force me to learn about it properly, and then if I was
> going to do that, I may as well make a little booklet, and then I may
> as well make it a WMAU thing, and then I may as well see if CCau was
> interested in helping out...... :)
> Beyond the conference, I think it will be a useful document to really
> act as a "primer" for people who have not yet been exposed to these
> kinds of ideas, and really show the breadth and interconnectedness of
> them too.
> So I'm kind of thinking, in a worst case scenario I will write most of
> it myself, but I certainly hope that doesn't end up being the case,
> not because I would hate to do so but because it's more fun to work
> with other people and get their perspectives.
> Also, name suggestions are _extremely_ welcome. :)
> cheers
> Brianna
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