[Wikimediaau-l] Wikimedia Australia now open for membership

Nick Jenkins nickpj at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 05:29:27 UTC 2008

> The membership form is here:
> <http://membership.wikimedia.org.au/memberdb/index.php?page=signup> 

Looks good, seems to work.

> I don't know why there is a "Sex" field (and in particular since it is
> purported to be optional the default response should be "No response",
> not "Male")

* Yeah, there's no particular reason I can think of to have to specify
your gender.
* Equally "state" should be a mandatory field if the postcode is a
mandatory field, since the state can I presume always be determined from
the postcode.
* For people concerned about privacy (particularly their first and last
name being made public) - and I only mention this because someone
expressed this concern yesterday at wiki-Wednesday - could they perhaps
become members with the same rights & obligations, except they can't

[re: wiki-Wednesday]
> Did anyone take photos?

Nah - I took a camera with the intention of taking one or two pictures,
but the room was quite intimate, so it just didn't feel appropriate to
stand up in the middle of a talk and stun the speaker with the camera
flash ;-)

> Who are the CustomWare folks?

I think they do wiki consulting mostly for companies, around half in
Australia & half in the Asia region (from what I recall from the intro).

> How did you get such a great crowd of folks along?

Quite a few people out there just curious about wikis, I think. And the
fact that it was introductory & friendly (so okay to ask basic
questions), with a mix of interests and the topic was so broad (so
although wikipedia was used as an example, it was fine to talk about
wikis in any context), and that there were free soft drinks + beer +
pizza (provided by Atlassian, who make the commercial Confluence wiki
product), plus it was held in a central location at 6 PM, and it was the
third one of the Wiki-Wednesdays, all helped I think.

-- All the best,

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