[Wikimediaau-l] 2008-11-09 ctte meeting minutes

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 08:52:18 UTC 2008


Please find minutes below of Sunday's meeting.
Please note especially item 5, corporate sponsorship  (and also
membership). I would welcome more input on this topic. As you will
read, we are quite undecided about it.

Brianna <secretary hat>

    * 1 Confirm previous minutes
    * 2 Memberdb update
    * 3 Debts update, waiving Angela's membership fee
    * 4 Bank deposits update
    * 5 Corporate sponsorship
    * 6 Website update
    * 7 Publication idea
    * 8 Promotion of WMAU
    * 9 ABN update
    * 10 AOB

Meeting 2008-11-09

* 3.10pm start
* Attendance: Brianna, Stephen, Nathan, Sarah, John
* Apologies: Daniel, Charles

==	Confirm previous minutes ==
'''Resolution:''' That the ctte confirms [[Meeting (2008-11-02)|the
minutes]] of the previous meeting.
* Moved: Stephen
* Seconded:  Nathan
* Carried without dissent

==	Memberdb update ==

Not much to report. Brianna was to pass access details to Nathan for
him to have a look at it, but this didn't happen yet. It basically
works but it would be nice if it was skinned.
Any more issues noticed are to be listed at the commwiki page [[memberdb]].

==	Debts update, waiving Angela's membership fee ==

'''Resolution:'''  that the committee gratefully acknowledges Angela's
donation of the domain registration, and in recognition of that we
resolve to waive her membership fee for this year.
* Moved: Stephen
* Seconded: Sarah
* Carried without dissent

The ctte plans to pay existing debts (Brian, incorporation fee,
Brianna, web hosting) before the AGM. No other debts were reported. We
will probably be able to do this next ctte meeting.

{{action}} Brianna to publish her recepts for money owed.

{{action}} John to do balance sheet to check that we can pay existing
debts based on ctte members' membership fees.

==	Bank deposits update  ==

John has not yet been able to visit the bank to ask about how we can
enable email notification of bank deposits (necessary to know if a
member has paid). He will visit them this week and email the committee
what he finds out.

==	Corporate sponsorship ==
John added this to the agenda at Peter "PM"'s request.

We discussed the ideas of corporate sponsorship and corporate
membership. Our rules currently don't allow for corporate members.

Opinions were mixed about the relative concerns and benefits of
sponsorship vs membership. Nathan suggested that corp sponsorship
would be purely for the other company's good marketing; Brianna felt
that wherever there were large sums of money there would likely be a
feeling of influence, and that membership was more 'contained' than
sponsorship because of the Rules. Sarah was concerned about undue
influence with corp membership. John suggested corp membership could
constitute a larger membership fee but still just one vote.

As there is mixed opinion about this issue it is not something we are
likely to act on in any great rush.

==	Website update ==
Daniel not attending.

{{action}} Brianna to ask Daniel to make a report to comm ML re:
officialwiki's status and readiness for public launch.

{{action}} Brianna to contact James 'E' about his opinion re:
officialwiki's readiness. (This was from last time but didn't happen

'''Resolution:''' that the ctte runs officialwiki with any member
allowed to join, and the use of Flagged Revs to moderate some or all

* Moved: Brianna
* Seconded: John
* Carried without dissent

{{action}} Brianna to install FlaggedRevs on officialwiki.

==	Publication idea ==
Brianna re-iterated her idea of a project to produce a publication
with assistance from Creative Commons Australia (CCau), who have shown
preliminary support.

The publication would be launched at the 'Free as in Freedom' LCA
miniconf, and would be something like "A Handbook to Participatory
Culture in Australia". WMAU would provide most/all of the content,
CCau would provide layout, printing and potentially some of the

There was general enthusiasm and support for working with CCau.

{{action}} Brianna to write a detailed proposal for formal acceptance
or otherwise next week.

==	Promotion of WMAU ==
Nathan recently attended a DET (NSW Department of Education and
Training) conference and reported that DET wants to commence using
wikis to share learning resources next year, and is looking at
integrating wikis,blogs,web 2.0 into the IPT curriculum.

Nathan asked if DET was someone we wanted to be involved with and
there was universal agreement that the answer was 'yes'.

Nathan previously posted a draft design of a promotional document to comm ML.

{{action}} Nathan to post to wikimeduaau-l about the promo document
and set up an appropriate page on meta.

==	ABN update ==
We have one.

TFN is reportedly in the mail to Brian.

==	AOB ==

Finished approx 4.50pm.

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