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Pharos pharosofalexandria at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 12:26:03 UTC 2008

Hi Liam,

2008/11/9 Liam Wyatt <liamwyatt at gmail.com>:
> Regarding powerhouse museum:
> I think they are the best place to start if we try and do this kind of thing
> (which I think would be great) because the PHM "gets" web 2.0 - they don't
> necessarily succeed at it (vis - their attempt at QR codes described
> here: http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/dmsblog/index.php/2008/10/23/some-qr-code-clarifications/
> ) but they are involved more than any other institution in australia that I
> know of. Thank their web services manager Seb Chan for that - which is why I
> would really like him to come to Wiki-Wednesday. He has been involved
> peripherally with the Dictionary of Sydney too which is where I first met
> him.
> I have a feeling I've said this before but I can't remember so I'll say it
> anyway (apologies if I repeat myself). I would think that the PHM would be a
> good place to start if we wanted to try a "backstage tour" for WM-au. That
> is, they show us around somewhere normally not accessible and we, in return,
> spend time with them improving articles of their choice (and teaching them
> how to do it themselves too). I think that if this is successful with the
> PHM we should approach the National Trust... my 2cents.

This is also why I approached the Brooklyn Museum, because they have a
more progressive view on these issues than most.

> Regarding "sister chapters". Honestly, the first I heard of this was talking
> with Pharos. I think it's great that chapters are friendly to each other and
> share ideas etc. but I'm yet to see what kind of special relationship could
> be made. We're hard pressed (so far) to put into effect plans for ourselves
> - so doing anything special for other chapters will be even more difficult.
> We should, of course, endeavour to help when asked but I don't know what
> kind of special arrangement we could possibly put in place in relation to
> another chapter. I'm yet to be convinced about the concept of a "sister
> chapter" outside of close neighbouring countries (e.g. Norway/Sweden,
> Belguim/Netherlands) where they can meetup easily...

What does "sister chapter" mean?

Does it mean we share a budget?  NO.

Does it mean we have some sort of world government for chapters?  NO.

Does it mean your board members get all-expenses-paid trips to study
the sociology of Manhattan nightlife, and our board members get
all-expenses-paid trips to study the geology of your fantastic
beaches?  Again, sadly, NO.

It's a symbolic thing, and practically it's all about "communication",
and semi-formal channels for such.

For example, Brianna suggested regular joint Skype meetings.  And I
have my own dream of a videoconference between meetups.

Because there are a limited number of English-speaking people who
regularly think about outreach-type projects, and we should
cross-fertilize ideas as much as possible.

And lastly, like municipal town twinning, it does -not- mean an
exclusive relationship.  If you folks want to also be "sisters" with
some neighbors like Wikimedia Indonesia, Wikimedia Hong Kong, or a
possible future Wikimedia New Zealand, I promise we will not be
jealous :)

> With peace and love and wiki-ness,
> -Liam


> On 09/11/2008, at 5:52 PM, private musings wrote:
> ...or to put it another way - thanks heaps for letting us know about this
> endeavor, pharos :-) - Liam (User:Witty Lama), and Brianna
> (User:Pfctdayelise) are also (actually much better, to be honest!) connected
> with the museum folks, though I'm popping back in to see them in a couple of
> weeks, so will definitely sing the praises of this project, and pick their
> brains to find out where they're at with it :-) I'm sure we'll try and run
> with the idea :-)
> Sibling relationships aren't always smooth, I guess - but I'd hope we could
> generally aim for a friendly welcoming tone where poss. - and certainly in
> dealings with other WMF chapters.... by the way - I love the idea of
> 'Chapter Twinning' - and would like to suggest to the committee that we look
> at formalising our relationship to NYC as such - there are heaps of benefits
> as I see it (happy to chat further) - what do others think?
> cheers,
> Peter
> PM.
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