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2008/11/6 private musings <thepmaccount at gmail.com>:

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> Chapter involvement in helping The Powerhouse track 'their' image usage -
> this was highlighted as a very important area, and involves things like
> volunteers preparing reports / writing up specific examples about how images
> are used. This also may include the development of 'best practice' re:
> templates which we apply to images on Commons etc. (for example, having
> 'from The Powerhouse Museum' in the image title, with a link from the image
> page to their website was most definitely a 'good thing' :-)

Yes, absolutely... I met Seb Chan at the CCau "Building an
Australasian Commons" conference in late June and he flagged this as a
totally needed thing. I raised it on commons-l
but it didn't go too far. I also met Erik Zachte at Wikimania and
mentioned it to him them (he is the stats guru, but at that time he
had only just been hired, and probably forgot everything everyone ever
said to him, so I should have followed up better).

I know of other institutions who want this too. So we need to impress
this on some dev-types a little bit. Starting with Erik I guess.

As for corporate members, we actually took that allowance out of our
rules IIRC, but it could be something we could amend at the AGM

Thanks for the update Peter!


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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