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Thu Nov 6 04:34:01 UTC 2008

G'day All,

I think quite a few of you are already familiar with the fact that The
Powerhouse Museum has been working on releasing some of their materials onto
Flickr for some time (see
http://www.flickr.com/photos/powerhouse_museum/for an absolute
goldmine of 'no known copy restictions' material :-)

I recently finally figured out how to upload in batches to Commons, and
following in the footsteps of folk like User:Riana, who had uploaded quite a
few already, put a couple of the 'sets' onto Commons;

They're well worth checking out, and it's both great fun, and very easy to
find suitable articles for this fantastic material :-)

Anywhoo.. this inspired me to get in touch with the folk at the museum, and
I've just returned from a really nice lunch with Paula and Seb, who are
museum staff, and broadly responsible for Powerhouse Images. As well as
letting them know a little bit about how Wikimedia Commons works etc.
(preaching to the already very well informed choir as it happens!) I wanted
to give them the latest news on the Chapter etc. and raise the possibility
of future partnerships. It's all very 'blue sky' at this point, but here are
a few of the things we covered;

   - Having 'The Powerhouse' join the chapter as a 'corporate' member or
   somesuch - received very positively with the caution that this requires a
   bit of time
   - Involvement in education projects / partnerships with The Powerhouse -
   again very positive, and possibly ultimately related to Liams ideas about
   talks for schools etc.
   - Chapter involvement in helping The Powerhouse track 'their' image usage
   - this was highlighted as a very important area, and involves things like
   volunteers preparing reports / writing up specific examples about how images
   are used. This also may include the development of 'best practice' re:
   templates which we apply to images on Commons etc. (for example, having
   'from The Powerhouse Museum' in the image title, with a link from the image
   page to their website was most definitely a 'good thing' :-)

All in all it was great to sit down and chat with The Powerhouse folk, and
I'm popping back in a fortnight to just show them briefly where their images
are currently being used (that I'm aware of), and some basic tracking
(watchlist / check usage etc.). For the curious, here are some examples of
articles with Powerhouse Images;

   - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Andrew%27s_Cathedral,_Sydney
   - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plough
   - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carousel
   - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Street,_Sydney

(see my contributions for quite a few more :-) - and go add a pic from the
gallery to an article yourself!)

cheers all,

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