[Wikimediaau-l] Melbourne meetup report

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 01:15:46 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

Last night we had a small meetup in Melbourne's City Library. Present
were myself (user:pfctdayelise), Stephen (user:thebainer),
user:Aliasd, user:Canley and user:Jayvdb.

We went over the draft constitution from meta and just talked about
the same stuff that we've been talking about here too. The most
interesting discussion, and certainly the discussion that needs the
most input from everyone, is about the aims. Stephen is going to try
to merge our meta draft constitution into the Victorian model rules.
When he does he will write back here. Then I think it would be
fruitful to spend a couple of weeks discussing the exact wording of
the aims.

Note that according to
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Step-by-step_chapter_creation_guide ,
we need to get the bylaws (which I presume is our constitution)
approved by the Chapters committee before we submit it to Victorian
officialdom. Perhaps Nathan could comment about how long that is
likely to take given that he is on Chapcom. (Is that a COI? :))

We can have another Melbourne meetup between Nov 10-19. We will try to
arrange it so OIC and Sarah can attend and Brian and as many
Melburnians as possible, of course. Angela, if there's any potential
that you could be down here during that time period, I think that
would be awesome too.

There was some complaint about the timing, venue and short notice of
this meetup. :) Computerbank was suggested as a venue for the next
meeting, which seems like a good idea. Another possibility is the City
of Melbourne library that's near Jolimont station (because I found out
that library has a wireless network :) and their meeting room has an
AV setup too). But if Computerbank are happy to have us then we should
go for that, I think.

WRT the constitution, some of the proposed changes seem quite nitpicky
(and some were quite irrational :)). I think except for the
physical/virtual-attendance-of-meetings thing, we should as much as
possible adopt the simple model rules, with the understanding that we
are starting as a small organisation, and we should change the
constitution appropriately as we grow rather than try to anticipate
that too much when at the moment we are nothing.


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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