[Wikimedia Announcements] Chapter report Wikimedia Nederland, February 2011

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Sat Mar 5 16:10:59 UTC 2011

Wiki Loves Monuments

After the success of last year, Wiki Loves Monuments will go Europe in 2011!
Many countries have indicated that they want to participate this time, and
coordination is being set up. Lodewijk has participated a brainstorm meeting
in Cologne by German Wikimedians to organize their event and also in other
countries much progress is being made. More information:
Strategy Weekend

On 19/20 February Wikimedia Nederland had a strategy weekend in Zeist. The
meeting is part of the Wikimedia Nederland strategy process, which is
facilitated by Anna Royon-Weigelt. The strategy process was already planned,
and has been fit into a pilot project for chapter strategy processes by Anna
and Sebastian Moleski. A report of the outcomes and the process following
this weekend will be sent to the members.
Board interest meeting

After the success of last year, also this time a board interest meeting was
organized. Potential candidates for the board could familiarize themselves
with the association, board work and/or other potential candidates.
Meetings & Conferences

A stamtafel has been organized again. The food was served cold - suggestions
for a new location are welcome!

Lodewijk has presented Wiki Loves Monuments at the Bangalore Wikimeet via
Skype on February 13.
Press attention summary

There was some more coverage on the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, mainly
with some more in depth interviews in regional newspapers, but throughout
the country. There was also a notice about the cooperation with the National
Archive and on the National Architecture Institute choosing a more free
licensing policy.

   - 18-20 March: Lodewijk will attend the Wikimedia Conference in Wroclaw,
   - 20 March: MaartenD will give a workshop around Wiki Loves Monuments at
   WMDE's General Meeting in Berlin, Germany
   - 25-27 March: Paul and Siebrand will represent Wikimedia Nederland at
   the Wikimedia Chapters Meeting in Berlin, Germany
   - 28-29 March: Lodewijk and Siebrand will attend Global Melt in Berlin,
   - April 2: General Assembly
   - June: 10 years Dutch Wikipedia
   - September: Wiki Loves Monuments Europe
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