[Wikimedia Announcements] Chapter report Wikimedia Nederland, December 2010

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Tue Jan 18 19:34:11 UTC 2011

This is the chapter report for Wikimedia Nederland for December 2010

Work on the fundraiser continued throughout December, with several
improvements with respect to landing page and banners which showed to be
New year cards

New year cards were designed and printed again. They were sent to all
members and several relevant contacts by mail with an invitation (when
relevant) to the new year reception / Wikipedia's 10th birthday party on
January 15, 2011. Active volunteers and contacts were thanked properly with
a hand written message on the cards. Reactions were positive. In total some
180-200 cards were sent. For all those that did not receive a card, hereby
the best wishes of Wikimedia Nederland for 2011:
Wiki Loves Monuments 2011

First steps were taken to come to a European Wiki Loves Monuments 2011. We
reached out to other chapters to find out whether they are interested in
such event, to be organized on a national level with international
cooperation. A post mortem was published (
with information about how it was organized and tips and tricks. When it was
established that there is sufficient interest, a mailing list was created to
coordinate efforts
Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam Museum (formerly Amsterdam Historisch Museum) will release in
January as a birthday present to Wikipedia her digitized collection under a
free license! This will be celebrated at January 15 in the Amsterdam
Historisch Museum. More details will follow in the January 2011 report.
Small subsidies

A small projects grant of € 150 has been awarded to the writing contest on
the Dutch language Wikipedia, for buying awards.
Meetings, conferences etc

MaartenD participated, after GLAM-UK last month, also the Glam conference in
Paris begin december. MaartenB held a lecture at the Digitaal Erfgoed
Conferentie (Digital Heritage Conference) and the library of Vlissingen
presented the Wiki Loves Bieb project at the Bibliotheekinnovatiecongres
(library innovation congress)[3] <http://wikilovesbieb.nl/?p=248>.

There was already some press attention for the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia
coming up, and an article about the Amsterdam Museum donation.
Coming up

   - 13-14 january: Bootcamp for cultural heritage institutions
   - 14 January: Hackathon
   - 15 January: New year reception & Wikipedia 10th birthday in Amsterdam
   Historical Museum.
   - 15 January: General Meeting

More information about these activities:
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