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Wikimedia Estonia report July-December 2010


*July 25. Founding meeting in Tallinn with 10 Wikipedians. Our
bylaws<http://et.wikimedia.org/wiki/Bylaws>were signed and first three
board members elected.

*August 20-22 . Summer meeting in Kuigatsi library (South Estonia) with 6
Wikipedians. (page in Estonian and some

*September 24. Board meeting in Tartu.

*December 18 . General meeting in Tallinn with over 20 people including
members and guests. One new board member was elected, membership fee and
board member compensation were fixed. (page in Estonian and

==Other milestones==

*August 31. Wikimedia Foundation
Estonia as an official Wikimedia chapter.

*October 6. Wikimedia Estonia was added to the register of non-profit
organizations in Estonia as "Mittetulundusühing Wikimedia Eesti".


*June 3 – October 3. HELP (Head Eesti Looduse Pildid – 'Good pictures of
Estonian nature') was a contest calling users to upload their own good
quality photos taken of Estonian nature – landscapes, plants, animals,
objects etc. 26 contestants uploaded a total of 507 photos during the
contest. Best photographers were awarded with subscription to journal "Eesti
Loodus" ('Estonian Nature') and gift coupons by Photopoint company. Also an
article appeared in "Eesti Loodus" about that contest.(contest page in
Estonian <http://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikipeedia:HELP> and gallery of
photos <http://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vikipeedia:HELP/Pildid>)

*"Wikipedia in schools" is a project which started in September and is
planned to continue through the school year. Project consists of visits to
various schools in Estonia (about 35 of them in different parts of Estonia)
during which a Wikipedian is conducting a survey among students and teachers
about their knowledge of Wikipedia and also giving lectures about how to use
Wikipedia and how to contribute to it. From September to December, 14
schools were visited. (project page in

Teele Vaalma
MTÜ Wikimedia Eesti
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