[Wikimedia Announcements] Chapter report Wikimedia Nederland, October 2010

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This is the chapters report from Wikimedia Nederland for October 2010.
Fundraiser preparations

In October, preperations for the fundraiser were made, including last minute
discussions with the Wikimedia Foundation about the outline of the
cooperation on this front.
 General Assemblee

At October 9, a General Assemblee was held for the election of two new board
members. Hay Kranen left the board and Siebrand Mazeland and Maarten
Brinkerink joined. Preceding to that Assemblee, there was a fundraising
discussion where community input was gathered on how to fundraise and get a
better insight in which messages might work best in the Dutch situation.
 Wiki Loves Monuments

The jury started deliberating the outcomes of the contest, and organization
of the prize ceremony started. This will be on November 20 in Utrecht.
 Wiki Loves Bieb

A first meeting with volunteers was organized in the library of Vlissingen
(Flushing) for former and current employees of the Damen Schelde Naval
Shipbuilding, to let them get acquainted with Wikipedia and editing the
project. This in the light of the cooperation with MuZEEum, through Wiki
Loves Bieb. See also http://wikilovesbieb.nl/?p=175
 Meetings, conferences etc

In October, Wikimedia Nederland representatives have attended several
meetings throughout the country, including a meeting with Europeana
representatives and Liam Wyatt, the Europeana Conference, the presentation
of Kennis Economie Monitor and the State of Social Media Summit. Another
stamtafel was organized, with increasing numbers.

Aside the usual mentions in press, there was some interest around the award
of the Gottlieb Duttweilerprize to Jimmy Wales. In NRC Handelsblad,
Wikipedia was mentioned as one of the ten best books in the past decade.
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