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> Date: February 15, 2011 9:01:50 AM PST
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> Subject: [WMF Staff] Announcing Hisham Mundol as consultant for National Programs, India
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>  Dear colleagues,
> I am pleased to announce the
>           appointment of Hisham Mundol as a consultant to the Wikimedia
>           Foundation to support us in our program initiatives in India.
> As you know, the Wikimedia
>           Foundation declared India to be a strategic priority during
>           the strategic planning process [1]. I announced our plans for
>           the formation of an office in August 2010 and the Wikimedia
>           Foundation Board of Trustees approved the creation of the
>           Wikimedia India chapter in June 2010. India is a priority for
>           the Wikimedia movement as it has a strong and growing
>           community of Wikimedians building the Indic and English
>           language projects. It is a country where the Wikimedia
>           movement can achieve our mission and learn important lessons
>           for achieving impact elsewhere. The engagement of Hisham will
>           enable the Wikimedia Foundation to pilot new initiatives aimed
>           at accelerating the growth of the community in India. I am
>           very happy we’ve now reached this point.
> As I have mentioned in the
>           past, we have a lot of momentum in India but we have a long
>           way to go to achieve our full potential as a movement.
>            Indians represent 4% of the world’s Internet users today (and
>           this share is growing), yet they only represent 1.5% of page
>           edits on Wikipedia. We should be able to rapidly increase this
>           share - across all projects - and expand readership in a
>           corresponding fashion. 
> Hisham’s title will be
>           Consultant, India National Programs.  He will report to me.
>            His role will be to design and implement specific pilot
>           programs that encourage many more Indians to become
>           contributors to our projects in Indic languages as well as
>           English. The National Programs initiative will focus on the
>           following areas in the first year:
> Design and implement an
>               India-wide program to increase Wikimedia’s footprint on
>               university and college campuses with students and faculty
>               with the aim of encouraging contributions to Wikimedia
>               projects
> Support the launch and
>               implementation of community-initiated programs that seek
>               to increase the editor base for Wikimedia projects 
> Engage with the
>               community and chapter to build a strong relationship among
>               these stakeholder groups and create communications forums
>               that allow for effective partnerships
> As a newcomer to the
>           Wikimedia movement, Hisham’s first task will be to deepen his
>           understanding of us: our history, goals, values, culture and
>           mission. To that end, he will be spending the coming weeks
>           (not months!) in learning mode: Hisham and I will be meeting
>           with community members in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore on Feb
>           23-25 and then Hisham will join community meetings across the
>           country as they occur. Hisham will also spend time in San
>           Francisco with the staff of the Wikimedia Foundation, as well
>           as with other like-minded individuals and organizations and he
>           will attend the chapter conference in Berlin.  
> Hisham will be creating a
>           workspace on strategy wiki where he will share what he is
>           learning and develop the core elements of the action plan
>           going forward. We encourage active community engagement on
>           this wiki. We aim to move to action quickly and welcome input
>           and guidance from across the community.
> Hisham was most recently a
>           consultant with the Public Health Foundation of India (in a
>           partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). He
>           designed and implemented large-scale national  programs on
>           HIV/AIDS prevention. He worked to understand the dynamics of
>           hard-to-reach communities by conducting in-depth,
>           on-the-ground analysis (ask him to tell you about his
>           experience talking to drivers while sitting under their
>           trucks).  The programs he designed and implemented sought to
>           convince people in large numbers - 400 million young people
>           across the nation - to change very personal behaviours.  While
>           we are not tackling issues of such an intimate nature, we do
>           aim to convince large numbers of people across the country to
>           contribute their personal time to Wikimedia projects.  During
>           this assignment, Hisham worked closely with public, private
>           and community groups (local and international) to work through
>           the details of the programs and build partnerships for
>           implementing them at scale. He did so in a manner that used
>           persuasion rather than power to build support to move things
>           forward.  We think his experience navigating these varied
>           groups position him well to work in the Wikimedia community.
>           His earlier career was in marketing and business development
>           with a number of well-known businesses: Infosys, Accenture,
>           Cadbury and Unilever. This experience positions him well to
>           engage with a movement and organization that is global in
>           nature, in particular to work with a team that is based
>           halfway around the world. 
> We have scheduled an IRC
>           chat with Hisham and myself for Thursday, February 17 at 22:00
>           India Standard Time (16:30 UTC). 
> I want to thank everyone who
>           helped in the selection process that identified Hisham. It was
>           a five month process in which we made an open call for
>           consultants (using my visit in September to drum up interest
>           via conversations with the community and the media) in India
>           and around the world.  We had 197 applicants from a wide range
>           of professional backgrounds.  Egon Zehnder’s India office,
>           part of a leading global executive search firm, helped screen
>           candidates and manage the process. Egon Zehnder conducted
>           indepth interviews with 25 candidates based on the inputs from
>           Bishakha and I who helped shortlist.  I interviewed 12
>           candidates via Skype in the first round and then I had the
>           help of Bishakha Datta and Achal Prabhala to interview the top
>           seven in person in Bangalore.  Our top two candidates met with
>           Sue and Erik in Delhi and then Hisham met with the entire WMF
>           leadership team and a broad group of staff members in San
>           Francisco.  
> We are very happy with the
>           selection of Hisham. We recognize that we did not manage to
>           hire someone from inside the Wikimedia community or the open
>           source community.  We did look for people with this background
>           and one of our finalists was a long time open source advocate.
>           We also engaged with a long time Wikimedian for a role, though
>           he ultimately decided to withdraw for personal reasons.  We
>           are committed to seeing Hisham integrate himself into the
>           community quickly and to seeing him add people to his team
>           from the community.  We hope that the community will engage
>           actively with him to bring him into the fold. Hisham will most
>           definitely bring fresh perspectives to the movement that will
>           help us grow and change for the better.
> Please join me in welcoming
>           Hisham to the Wikimedia movement.
> [1] http://strategy.wikimedia.org/wiki/Strategic_Plan/Role_of_the_WMF
> [2] http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimediaindia-l/2010-August/000850.html
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