[Wikimedia Announcements] Announcement: Hiring of Asaf Bartov and Moushira Elamrawy contract extension

Barry Newstead bnewstead at wikimedia.org
Sat Feb 5 02:38:31 UTC 2011

I am very pleased to announce that Asaf Bartov has agreed to join the 
Wikimedia Foundation as Head of Global South Relationships (pending the 
completion of the U.S. visa application process) and Moushira Elamrawy 
has agreed to a contract extension to serve as Chapter Relations 
Manager. These positions are both part of the Global Development team 
and seek to enhance WMF's relationships with and support of chapters and 
other groups/individuals in the movement.

We expect Asaf to join WMF in March 2011 and the position will be based 
in San Francisco. Asaf is a long-time Wikipedian and Wikimedian. He 
began editing Wikipedia in 2001, his home project is the Hebrew 
Wikipedia. His first contribution to Hebrew Wikipedia was to initiate 
the article on Homer (not the four-fingered guy from Springfield) in 
2003. He has been a member of Wikimedia Israel since 2008, and served as 
board member and international liaison. Asaf has been making his living 
in software, but has always cultivated a wide range of interests in the 
humanities -- studying literature and classics, and then teaching 
ancient Greek and Latin at Tel Aviv University -- as well as voluntary 
activities in the open source and open content worlds. He is the 
founding editor of Project Ben-Yehuda, a free 100% volunteer-run 
repository of public-domain Hebrew texts. He is also active in 
transforming library technology to 21st-century open standards, having 
served as consultant at the National Library of Israel, and an invited 
expert at the W3C's Library Linked Data Incubator Group (LLD XG).

Asaf's primary role will be to support the growth of the Wikimedia 
movement in the Global South with a specific focus on working with 
chapters, groups who seek to become chapters and mission-aligned 
groups/individuals. He will play an advisory role to support these 
groups to advance their work in support of the movement. He will manage 
WMF's grants program (globally) with the aim of providing funding for 
strategy-aligned initiatives with a strong focus on innovation. Asaf 
will work with groups to design effective grants and help create model 
grants that groups can readily adapt to their local needs. Finally, Asaf 
will help improve our knowledge repository of program and grant 
experiences with a priority to create systematic means for evaluating 
and learning from each program.

I would also like to announce that WMF has extended the contract of 
Moushira Elamrawy, who was serving as Global Campaigns Manager during 
the 2010/11 fundraiser, to serve in a Chapter Relations capacity. She 
will continue to be based in Alexandria, Egypt. Moushira was introduced 
to Wikimedia in April 2007 during filming the footage of "Truth in 
Numbers" in Alexandria, Egypt: a few weeks later she was appointed from 
Bibliotheca Alexandrina to become the main organizer from the library's 
side for Wikimania 2008. Her responsibilities started along with the 
bidding process and extended until after the conference was over to 
include co-organizing Wikipedia editing sessions, Arabic Wikipedia Day, 
and an "Introduction to Free Open Source OS" sessions series. She 
continues to help with new initiatives and offline activities concerning 
Arabic Wikipedia, including ongoing efforts for creating an Arabic 
Wikipedia signpost, organizing events that help attract new users such 
as editing and licensee sessions. She recently initiated a cross 
collaboration among Arabic users across north Africa, in order to create 
a base of user groups across this region. Last fall, Moushira was 
engaged by WMF's community department to focus on liaising between the 
chapters and WMF during the 2010 fundraising campaign. Moushira has 
previously worked for sustainable development projects in desert areas 
of Egypt and Morocco focusing on ecological building approaches. She is 
a Greenpeace volunteer and retired vegan.
Moushira's role will be to support WMF and chapters in living up to our 
responsibilities to each other and to the movement, particularly with 
regard to smoothing and systematizing communications mechanisms with the 
goal of increased transparency and openness. She will help establish 
processes that enable us to meet our commitments to each other and the 
movement. She will facilitate the completion of requirements under our 
fundraising and chapter agreements relating to revenue sharing, 
reporting and accountability. She will support us monitoring progress 
against these commitments, designing systems for tracking and creating 
simple ways to work together in a manner that achieves mutual 
accountability, while keeping the burden on volunteer board members and 
other chapter members to a minimum. Moushira will also serve as WMF's 
process manager over the next year for key activities such as the 
signing of chapter agreements and fundraising agreements, compliance 
with agreement requirements and more systematic capture of reports 
to/from chapters. Please note that WMF doesn’t intend this role to be an 
oversight function nor do we expect that it’s our role to remind 
chapters of their responsibilities: the role is to both help WMF fulfill 
our responsibilities and to help us all improve our processes. This is a 
big challenge and she will work collaboratively with chapters to achieve 

I am thrilled to add Asaf and Moushira to the WMF Global Development team.

We will jointly host an IRC at the following times to address any 
questions or comments that you might have about these roles.
1. Friday, February 11 at 1500 UTC
2. Friday, February 11 at 2200 UTC



How did we source candidates for these roles?

The Chapter Development Director position was publicly posted in August 
2010, and we interviewed a number of candidates. We had some strong and 
interesting candidates, but we did not find anyone who could fulfill the 
role as we had initially designed it. Asaf Bartov applied for the 
Chapter Development Director and was interviewed by a panel of 
interviewers. Moushira Elamrawy did not apply for the position, however 
she was fulfilling some functions in the Global Campaigns role that we 
saw as needed in our Chapter Development work (items that were listed in 
the original job description).

As such, we decided that the best course of action was to split the 
initial role into two that would meet our needs and not require a reset 
of the entire process. We did a review of the prior candidates to see if 
any would be a good alternative to Asaf and Moushira and concluded that 
we were comfortable with them as our selection. Please note that 
Moushira’s role is temporary: that’s because the relationship between 
the Wikimedia Foundation and the chapters is actively evolving, and so 
we think this role may change significantly over time.

How does the appointment of these two roles change the relationship 
between WMF and chapters?

Our hope is that these engagements will improve our relationship by 
providing dedicated resources to our chapter interactions. This will 
allow WMF to be more responsive and will provide resources to invest 
time in creating new solutions to problems that we have dealt with in 
the past, but haven't solved effectively.

We also hope that Moushira and Asaf will help to enhance the 
effectiveness of chapters by serving as advisors on program work, 
helping to make connections between program work in different places and 
by creating systems that ease the administrative burden on volunteers, 
freeing you to focus more time on program activities.

These engagements do not change the formal relationships between WMF and 
chapters. We both will continue to be independently responsible for 
meeting our commitments and for solving problems that arise in a timely 
and collaborative manner.

Why is Asaf's position focused on the Global South vs. all chapters?

We do not have sufficient resources available to expend our resources 
equally in all areas and still achieve impact and so we need to 
prioritize. The movement priorities set out during the strategy process 
set clear targets for our growth in the Global South and we are aligning 
our resources to this priority. We will continue to support grants 
across the globe and will engage with all chapters, but Asaf's first 
responsibility will be to the work focused on the Global South.

What does WMF plan to do with other groups/individuals in the movement?

We continue to believe in the principle of a decentralized movement and 
the importance of supporting good efforts by volunteers regardless of 
organizational affiliation. While we expect chapters to play a strong 
role in designing and running programs as well as funding 
groups/individuals within their geographies to do such work, we also 
want to keep the door open for groups or individuals who want to conduct 
program work that supports the movement priorities outside of a chapter 
structure. In recent months, this has included, for example, funding for 
the Wikipedia in Schools program in Kenya and support for GLAM work by a 
US-based volunteer, Aude.

Does the appointment of Asaf change WMF's view of grant-making?

We see grant-making as an important process for supporting chapters and 
other groups/individuals to achieve movement priorities. The appointment 
of Asaf provides us with an opportunity to expand grant-making and make 
it more systematic. We believe that many chapters will not be in a 
position to generate sustainable funding locally to fund the full array 
of programs that may be needed to achieve our goals. Grant-making is an 
effective way to fill that gap.

We would like to see our grant-making work evolve to include much more 
community participation in helping chapters and other groups/individuals 
design good programs, in helping WMF make good decisions and in 
evaluating and capturing the learning from grants after they are 
implemented. This will be a core initiative for Asaf in his first year.

I’ve got other questions that aren’t answered here.
Barry, Asaf and Moushira will host an IRC at the following times to talk 
through the roles in more detail.
1. Friday, February 11 at 1500 UTC
2. Friday, February 11 at 2200 UTC

Barry Newstead
Chief Global Development Officer
Wikimedia Foundation
Tel: +1-415-839-6885 x. 6634
Skype: barry.wikimedia
Twitter: @bazanews

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