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This month has been very intense because of the accumulation of events
regarding the organization of the 10th anniversary celebrations and usual
activities. The impact in the Catalan media has been extraordinary. It may
have contributed to the increase in pages read on the Catalan Wikipedia by
70% over the same month last year. Many activities have been aimed at
increasing the number of editors on Wikipedia. In this respect many results
have been achieved but under the objectives we had set. At present the
number of active editors of Wikipedia in Catalan is 10% larger than last
year at this time.

== Courses and conferences ==
*Viquifabricació. On March 2 and 10 courses were made editing on Wikipedia
at the University Jaume I of Castellon. Gomà & Pacopac. As a result, 104
students have enrolled, 10 in Catalan and 94 in Spanish.
*Viquibalear. This year’s edition has come to an end. Almost 136 articles
have been moved to Wikipedia. The awards ceremony took place on March 29 at
the Ramon Llull Institute of Palma. In the subsequent meeting with the
General Direction of Educational Innovation, they said that they are very
satisfied with the experience and they will schedule the next edition.
Paucabot, User:Antoni Salvà, Barcelona, Tomeu87.
*March 5. Workshop editing Wikipedia (aimed at teachers) at the Citilab of
Cornellà de Llobregat. Barcelona.
*March 17. Talk-debate: 10 years of Wikipedia. Aula Magna of the Faculty of
Sciences of the University of Girona. Arnaugir & Castor
*March 17. Workshop editing on Wikipedia. Vilanova I la Geltrú. Pallarès and
*March 18. Workshop editing on Wikipedia at the University of Andorra.
*March 18. Workshop editing on Wikipedia at Berga’s Telecenter. Toniher.
*March 19. An introduction to Wikipedia and guided editing session. Citilab
of Cornellà de Llobregat. CECBLL Esther & SMP.
*March 19. Guided editing session on Wikipedia. Mata de Jonc School of
Palma. Paucabot.
*March 19. Guided editing session on Wikipedia. Salesians de Ciutadella.
Ciutadella de Menorca. Agdo.
*March 21. Presentation on Wikipedia and a course on how to edit it. IES
Betxí. Coet.
*March 27. Workshop editing Wikipedia. Micalet Choral Society. Valencia.

== Thematic conferences ==

This month, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the Catalan Wikipedia,
we organized six thematic sessions.


On March 15 the Open University of Catalonia was the Roundtable on Research
and Wikipedia. The results of several research projects about Wikipedia were
presented. We also explained the role of the WMF Research Committee and
proposed an online collaboration between the University, Wikipedia, and
Amical in order to carry out the strategic plan. Lilaroja, Dvdgmz, Eaibar &
Gomà.  On March 21 it was the Wikipedia Research presentation at the
Polytechnic University of Valencia. Lilaroja. We really expect that our
proposed alliances will bear any fruit.


On Friday the 18th at Golferichs house, Barcelona was the working day
"Viquipèdia and Education". In the morning it was dealt with elementary
school and high school. Several experiences where presented: Viquibalear,
Viquiescoles, Experimenta_wiki, EduWiki, Viquiprojectes Olympic Games (2008)
and Astronomy (2009) and Viquilletra. At the afternoon the subject of the
Viquipèdia at University was treated: Viquifabricació UPC, Wiki Realidad
Virtual - GMM UOC, GRF wiki UOC, and Viquiprojectes (ILV and Tipografia)  -
GMM UOC, audiovisual Viquiprojecte:Telecomunicacions EUETIT and ETSETB- UPC

;Minority languages.

On Saturday 19th we made the working day in Perpignan on minority languages
and Wikipedia. This is a futher step to launch a working group to help each
other. Attended Wikipedians in Occitan, Aragonese, Esperanto, Hebrew,
Amerindian languages, Catalan, Portuguese, roman and eusquera as well as
people from apertium and mozilla projects. Were raised several lines of
collaboration and exchanged experiences and ideas. Among them extend and
integrate amical-bot with apertium to make it accessible to these languages
and retrofeed apertium with revised texts to improve the sytem continuously.
The bot to create articles from statistical data has been redesigned to fit
these languages. Eusquera tests have already been made and the results are
pretty good. We also proposed to continue the work at Wikimania 2011 and do
part of the session in Esperanto (with a previous online course for all
attendees). It can be a very enriching experience. Capsot

;Photography Contest in Alghero.

The contest has been finished and the competition awards delivered. 21
contestants participated and submitted 200 pictures. Gusdan

;Museums. Glamwiki Barcelona.

On March 21 was the  GlamWiki day 2011 at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.
Kippleboy. We have to thank Liam Wyatt's presence. The conference was a
success. Both participation, more than 150 people as the results. At the
moment there are already underway:

* Picasso Museum project collaboration in the medium term (they have passed
a set of ideas)
* Maritime Museum: a courtesy visit one (they are thinking about a backstage
pass or some kind of award or similar)
* Railway Museum of Vilanova: Starting to manage a project (this will be in
summer)about the world of rail
* Museum of Lleida: We will do a Miniglamwiki for Museum of Lleida
* MACBA: A Shorter -term project collaborative development of a particular

;Feast of Wikipedia public outreach.

On March 19 at the premises os Barcelona castellers we celebrated the great
feast of Wikipedia public outreach. We mounted an exhibition with 10 posters
on wikipedia and attended the public offering to collaborate in writing,
there was cake and fun activities, very crowded, hight echoed in the media.
Toniher, Lluis_tgn, KRLS, Mezod, Davidpar, Kippelboy, Baggio, Eilas

== Media ==

We have sent press releases announcing the 10th anniversary of the Catalan
Wikipedia and the various acts that have been developed. We also anounced
the awards ceremony and presentation of book Wikipedia in Palma. This has
generated a great impact in the media. A brief summary:

3cat24.cat - La Viquipèdia celebra 10 anys entre les 15 edicions amb més
articles del món<http://www.3cat24.cat/noticia/1109948/altres/La-Viquipedia-celebra-10-anys-entre-les-15-edicions-amb-mes-articles-del-mon>(19/3/2011),
3cat24.cat - Deu anys de viquiconeixement
3cat24.cat - Els autors de la Viquipèdia ensenyen com l'escriuen per
celebrar el desè aniversari de l'edició catalana
(1)<http://www.3cat24.cat/noticia/1110766> (i
2) <http://www.3cat24.cat/noticia/1110786> (19/3/2011), Agència Catalana de
Notícies - La Viquipèdia en català fa deu anys i ho celebra amb una festa
oberta a tothom<http://www.acn.cat/acn/602526/General/text/Viquipedia-catala-celebracio-wiki-Wikipedia-contingut-col.laboratiu-Creative-Commons.html>(10/3/2011),
Avui - La
Viquipèdia en català fa deu anys i ho celebra amb una festa oberta a
El Punt - La
Viquipèdia en català fa deu anys i ho celebra amb una festa oberta a
Empordà.info - La
Viquipèdia celebra el seu 10è aniversari amb una
Regió7 - La
Viquipèdia celebra el seu 10è aniversari amb una
directe!cat - La
Viquipèdia en català vol celebrar el desè aniversari amb el rècord de 2.000
editors en un dia<http://www.directe.cat/noticia/130522/la-viquipedia-en-catala-vol-celebrar-el-dese-aniversari-amb-el-record-de-2.000-editors-en->(10/3/2011),
Reus Directe - La
Viquipèdia en català fa deu anys i ho celebra amb una festa oberta a
Nació Digital - 10
anys de Viquipèdia<http://www.naciodigital.cat/noticia/23074/anys/viquipedia>(10/3/2011),
Reus Directe - La
Viquipèdia en català fa deu anys i ho celebra amb una festa oberta a
Som.cat - La
Viquipèdia en català fa deu anys i ho celebra amb una festa oberta a
Alguer.cat - Alguer
a la Wikipèdia: 200 fotografies
originals<http://cat.alguer.it/noticies/n?id=39564>(16/3/2011), Alguer
Digital Premis
del concurs de fotografia digital “L’Alguer a la
Ara - Deu
anys de Viquipèdia: de l'àbac a 312.569 articles
en paper), Ara - La
Viquipèdia en català fa 10
ButlleTIC - La
Viquipèdia celebra els seus 10 anys<http://phobos.xtec.cat/butlletic/?p=4108>,
Comunicació 21 - Viquipèdia vol reunir 2.000 editors per celebrar els 10
Diari de Balears - Una
dècada de Viquipèdia<http://dbalears.cat/actualitat/cultura/una-decada-de-viquipedia.html>(16/3/2011),
Diari de Girona - La
Viquipèdia en català, deu anys editant amb la
en paper <http://www.arnauduran.net/viquiarnaupetitpetit.png>) (16/3/2011),
El Punt - Projecte
El Singular Digital - Gomà:
"La viquipèdia no és fiable i és bo que la gent ho
Espai Internet (TV3) - Feliç aniversari,
Garraf Digital - Viquipèdia
en català celebra els 10 anys aquest dijous a l’espai Neàpolis
IB3 Ràdio - 10 anys de la Viquipèdia a “Tassa i
Info K - Deu
anys de Viquipèdia<http://www.tv3.cat/pprogrames/infok/infkSeccio.jsp?seccio=notis&idint=8376>(18/3/2011),
La Veu de Mallorca - Viquipèdia
organitza un seguit d'activitats per celebrar el desè
Ona Mallorca - Mallorca
en Xarxa <http://www.rtvmallorca.cat/#radio/programes/cercap/23/24017>(19/3/2011),
Racó Català - La
Viquipèdia en català celebra els seus 10 anys amb una
Ràdio Catalunya - L'Alguer:
Concurs fotogràfic per a
Som.cat - Aquesta
tarda a El Cop d'Estat hem parlat amb en Joan Ramon
Tribuna.cat - La
Viquipèdia: deu anys d'enciclopèdia en
VilaWeb - Desè aniversari de la
VilaWeb - La
Viquipèdia celebra deu anys
VilaWeb Castelló de la Plana- Avui,
al Casal d'Acció Cultural, xerrada sobre "Deu anys de Viquipèdia en
VilaWeb Catalunya Nord - A
G del Casal Jaume Primer, i Viquipèdia
La veu de Mallorca Viquipèdia
Descobrir utilitzar

== Relation with entities. ==
* Departament of Linguistic Policy in Catalonia.
* Departament of Linguistic Policy of the Balearic Islands.
* President of Aran Valley Council
* Deputy Mayor of Perpignan
* Authorities of Alghero.
* Publishing Department of the Polithechnic University of Catalonia.

== Miscellaneous  ==
*Presentation of the book "Wikipedia". Together with the delivery of the
prize Wikibalear there was the act of public presentation of this book in
Mallorca. The department of linguistic policy of the Balearic Government
announced the distribution of 150 copies between schools on the islands.
Paucabot and Gomà
*In order to use them in acts of the 10th anniversary we have developed 10
posters explaining various aspects of Wikipedia they set up an exhibition
that may be used in different formats and frames. We also have two roll-ups
usefull to frame any iind of events arround Wikipedia ans sister projects.
If someone needs them feel free to ask. They are available to everyone no
mater if you are members of the association or not. Mafoso, Barcelona. To
request the panels if you want to use them, please contact Amical-gestio1.
*Wikilovesmonumens. An enthusiastic team has been working hard on this
initiative. Untill now they have fetch lists of monuments from the
authorities of different countries and are completing the lists of monuments
in Wikipedia. The Association has purchased the domain
wikilovesmonuments.cat to integrate it with the network of
wikilovesmonuments sites in Europe. We have started contacts to get sponsors
for prizes and to involve several organizations in the project. We will
continue to reporting. Vriullop. You can find the list of participants here:
*Special thanks to Millars from WMES and to Cultural Action of the Valencian
Country because on the 10th and 15th March they did in Casals Jaume I in
Vilareal an Castellò respectively a presentation of Wikipedia and sister
projects. The association Amical Wikipedia sent them material consisting
mainliy in leaflets of "Welcome to Wikipedia", Cultural Action of the
Valencian Country facilitated their premises and Millars did the
presentations. Hopefully it is a good example of collaboration for the

You can found the report here:
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