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FYI, the report for Wikimedia Hong Kong for July and August. The
"education toolkit" referenced below is a media literacy project
targeting high schools in Hong Kong; you can read more about the grant
here (we funded it at a reduced budget of $10,000):


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Jul-Aug 2010
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Jul-Aug 2010 Monthly Report
Wikimedia Hong Kong

Ref: WMHK/DIR01/MM/001E

This is the chapters report for Wikimedia Hong Kong, Jul - Aug 2010. I
apologize for the perious long time silence. If you have any
questions, please approach us directly.

Anniversary Conference 2010
This is our third Anniversary Conference, an annual public outreach
event we maintained since 2007. This is year we set the event as a
kick start of our WMF-funded project, the Education Toolkits For
Liberal Studies. With the help and support from ISOC-HK and the Hong
Kong Council of Social Service, we are able to had such meeting in HRH
Duke of Windsor Service Building, a prime conference location in
town.  In the meeting Dr. Chitat Chan, our chapter’s advisor, and John
Chan from our partner group in the LS toolkit project, 3 teachers
group. We had clarified our goal and defined the strategy for the
Photos of the event:

Education Toolkits For Liberal Studies
This is a WMF-funded project, and from the anniversary conference, our
partners and us agreed that we should involved teachers who currently
teaching the subject. So we kept on the strategic preparation for the
platform to bring the teachers together.

Preparation for annual fundraising
Preparation for this years fundraiser had started much earlier this
year, and several things are in progress:
- unlock our Paypal account by gaining charity status
- moving bank account to HSBC
- seeking gov’t approval to set up fundraising stalls in downtown streets
- preparation for selling Alpaca(Caonima) stamp in the fundraising
period (special thx to Argentine Chapter)

Wikimedia Asia Conference
Negotiated with dot Asia organization and ISOC-HK, we may facilitate
an option for Wikimedia Asia Project, that we might collocate the
conference with their APRICOT-APAN 2011. We still need a consensus
from the Asian Chapters to make the conference a reality.

General assembly
4th General Assembly was held in June, 1st Council, which provides
check and balance to the directory, was elected. Councillors were
inaugurated in June, in their first assembled, when the annual plan
and budget of the chapter presented by the Directory was also

Coming up
18-Sept 5th Anniversary re-do of the First WIkipedian’s Meetup in Hong Kong
Sept,Oct Focus groups with liberal studies teachers

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