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with apologies for the delay.

Wiki Loves Monuments

In August, much work was done on Wiki loves Monuments. The project website
was expanded, explanations and instructions were added etc. Lessons were
taken from past similar events. A simplified Commons upload form, with many
fields having a fixed value due to the nature of the contest, so that also
non-Wikimedians can use it. Also a Flickr group has been created to lower
the participation threashold for Flickr users. Effort has been put into
getting the word out (approaching local newspapers, sending out a press
release etc), and it seems that the cultural heritage organizations are
picking it up with enthusiasm. Read more on the contest in this WMF blog

Geograph Britain and Ireland is a web-based project, initiated in March
2005, to create a freely accessible archive of geographically located
photographs of Great Britain and Ireland. With the help of a mini-grant
through the mini grant project, Wikimedia Nederland was able to help in the
uploading process of the 1.8 million free images to Wikimedia Commons by
Multichill. For more info, see the Commons page:
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Geograph_Britain_and_Ireland .
 Nationaal Archief

Nationaal Archief and Spaarnestad will be donating more than 1000 relevant
press photos from the ANEFO collection for use on Wikipedia. These photos
are from politicians and historically relevant events after World War II
which currently lack an image. The donation will occur at September 13 in
major Dutch political press center, Nieuwspoort. See
http://wikipedia.eventbrite.com/ for more information (in Dutch).

A tradition has been started in August, the first Stamtafel was held in
Utrecht. In Germany they are already familiar with this concept, under the
name "Stammtisch" and it seems the concept gets popular here too. In a few
months we will know more about how popular exactly. But for now, every first
Wednesday of an evenly numbered month there will be a Stamtafel in Utrecht.
 Meetings, conferences etc.

Lodewijk participated the Round Table discussion on e-culture at Kennisland,
which was a preparatory meeting for their conference in October, and had a
meeting in Amsterdam with Philippe Beaudette on the 2010/2011 fundraiser and
how Wikimedia Nederland can participate in that.
 Coming Up:

   - 1 - 30 September: Wiki Loves Monuments
   - 4 September: Annual Summer Barbecue
   - 13 September: Release Nationaal Archief
   - 6 October: Stamtafel Utrecht
   - 9 October: General Assemblee
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