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Harold Hidalgo hahc21 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 16:20:49 UTC 2014

Today we’re announcing the latest round of Individual Engagement Grantees.
These grants from the Wikimedia Foundation support individuals and small
teams of Wikimedians to experiment with new ideas aimed at having online

This round, the IEG committee recommended and WMF approved 12 projects led
by 16 grantees with countless volunteer participants from around the world.
For the first time, Individual Engagement Grants are funding mobile app
development, Wikipedia research, and projects aimed at improving Wikivoyage
and Wiktionary.

Introducing Wikimedia's round 1 2014 Individual Engagement Grantees:

   1. *Making Telugu Content Accessible*, led by Santhosh, funded at
   104,000 Rupees.[2]
   2. *Medicine Translation Community Organizing*, led by CFCF, funded at
   3. *Open Access Reader*, led by Edward Saperia, funded at $6550.[4]
   4. *Optimizing Wikimedia Category Systems*, led by Paul J. Weiss, funded
   at $9750.[5]
   5. *Promoting Wikivoyage*, led by Tammy Bennert, funded at $600.[6]
   6. *Pronunciation Recording*, led by Rilke with participation from
   Ungoliant MMDCCLXIV and Infovarius, funded at €1450.[7]
   7. *Reimagining Wikipedia Mentorship*, led by I JethroBT, Soni, and
   Gabrielm199, funded at $22,600.[8]
   8. *Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia*, led by Vojtěch Veselý with
   participation from Vojtěch Dostál, Václav Šulc, and Jan Sokol, funded at
   160,000 CZK.[9]
   9. *Tools for Armenian Wikisource and Beyond*, led by Xelgen with
   participation from HrantKhachatrian and Mahnerak, funded at $7600.[10]
   10. *The Wikiquiz*, led by Addis Wang, Mys 721x, and Ericmetro, funded
   at $1070.[11]
   11. *WikiTrack*, led by Hari Prasad Nadig, funded at $2500.[12]
   12. *Women and Wikipedia*, led by Amanda Menking, funded at $8075.[13]

You can read more about them all on the WMF blog.[14]

To everyone who contributed to this round of grants with proposals, ideas,
feedback and suggestions: thank you! The next call for proposals opens on 1
September – we look forward to seeing more of your ideas and engagement
again soon.

Harold Hidalgo
Individual Engagement Grants Committee

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