[Wikimedia-l] Welcome 3 employees of Wikimedia Norway

Erlend Bjørtvedt erlend at wikimedia.no
Thu Jan 30 23:17:15 UTC 2014

Wikimedia Norway has brought onboard it's Third employee from January 1.

We now have a team of 3 full / part time staff supporting the Chapter in
realizing ambitious objectives for 2014. They are all installed in Our New
Offices in Central Oslo.


Astrid Carlsen will direct the GLAM program co-ordination, and the
chapter's efforts to strengthen participation, recruitment and retention of
contributors. She has broad experience from the puvlishing sector and from
translation, and has lived and worked in Germany and Norway.

Jorid Martinsen will be a part-time Project manager With the main objective
to increase female participation. She has invaluable experience and
Networks as a recent student organizer at the national Level.

Tor Arne Bjerke will direct the outreach towards academia, and the
chapter's effort to enhance content quality. He will also specifically
develop film Projects and produce recruitment film. Tor Arne has more than
10 years experience from the film industry as a producer, and lectures fil
at a university college.

We are happy to have them all onboard at Wikimedia Norway!

*Erlend Bjørtvedt*
Nestleder, Wikimedia Norge
Vice chairman, Wikimedia Norway
Mob: +47 - 9225 9227
 http://no.wikimedia.org <http://no.wikimedia.org/wiki/About_us>

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