[Wikimedia-l] Alexandra Wang joins the WMF Grantmaking team

Asaf Bartov abartov at wikimedia.org
Wed Jan 22 23:36:53 UTC 2014

Hi, everyone.

I'm thrilled to announce that as of last week, WMF's new Project and Event
Grants (PEG) Program Officer is Alex Wang.  She will be supporting the PEG
program's scaling up, and will enable us to offer our grantees a much
higher level of support in project management and frequent check-ins during
grant execution.

She brings great expertise in project management, event planning, and
grantmaking in the non-profit sector, including much experience in the
developing world.  Before joining Wikimedia, she worked with the
ClimateWorks Foundation and the Energy Foundation, in sustainable energy
projects in India, Europe, and China.  (She's fluent in Mandarin.)

When she wasn't setting up non-profits from scratch in India, she could be
found practicing and teaching yoga, installing solar panels in rural
maternity clinics in Nepal, and taking photos in precarious situations
(mostly while mountaineering and backcountry skiing)[1].

In 2003-2004, she could also be spotted riding a pony around Ulaanbaatar in
her quest to study the development of the Morin Khuur (upright two-stringed
violin[2]) along the Silk Road[3].

We are very excited to have her join the WMF Grantmaking team, and look
forward to improving our ability to serve the needs of applicants and
grantees alike.


[1] http://www.alexwangphotography.com/adventure/ [4]

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morin_khuur ;

[3] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silk_Road

[4] I personally also recommend her portraits:

    Asaf Bartov
    Wikimedia Foundation <http://www.wikimediafoundation.org>

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