[Wikimedia-l] Reasonator use in Wikipedias

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 15:17:39 UTC 2014


At this moment Wikipedia "red links" provide no information whatsoever.
This is not cool.

In Wikidata we often have labels for the missing (=red link) articles. We
can and do provide information from Wikidata in a reasonable way that is
informative in the "Reasonator". We also provide additional search
information on many Wikipedias.

In the Reasonator we have now implemented "red lines" [1]. They indicate
when a label does not exist in the primary language that is in use.

What we are considering is creating a template {{Reasonator}} that will
present information based on what is available in Wikidata. Such a template
would be a stand in until an article is actually written. What we would
provide is information that is presented in the same way as we provide it
as this moment in time [2]

This may open up a box of worms; Reasonator is NOT using any caching. There
may be lots of other reasons why you might think this proposal is evil. All
the evil that is technical has some merit but, you have to consider that
the other side of the equation is that we are not "sharing in the sum of
all knowledge" even when we have much of the missing requested information
available to us.

One saving (technical) grace, Reasonator loads round about as quickly as
WIkidata does.

As this is advance warning, I hope that you can help with the issues that
will come about. I hope that you will consider the impact this will have on
our traffic and measure to what extend it grows our data.

The Reasonator pages will not show up prettily on mobile phones .. so does
Wikidata by the way. It does not consider Wikipedia zero. There may be more
issues that may require attention. But again, it beats not serving the
information that we have to those that are requesting it.

[2] http://tools.wmflabs.org/reasonator/test/?lang=oc&q=35610

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