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Michael Maggs michael at maggs.name
Wed Jan 15 11:08:27 UTC 2014

Can WMUK collaborate with WMDE (and others) on this to push it forward?  Obviously a lot of good work has already been done, but perhaps it now needs some long term commitment and leadership to ensure that what has been done is made easily accessible,  and to work on filling gaps in functionality (covering all aspects of disability). 


WMUK Chair

> On 15 Jan 2014, at 09:34, Jon Davies <jon.davies at wikimedia.org.uk> wrote:
> How about starting with what a 'ULS' is? That would help :)
>> On 15 January 2014 08:50, Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijssen at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hoi,
>> One obvious point to start is the functionality of the ULS. It already
>> serves one function for people who have a handicap with their perception.
>> It has the OpenDyslexic font for people with dyslexia. There are multiple
>> ways functionality can be provided who have a visual handicap. The size of
>> the characters can be increased, the colour scheme can be changed (some
>> people only see yellow on white..)
>> If there is one thing wrong with the ULS, it is not in the functionality
>> but by the utter lack of visibility. ULS is a major component of MediaWiki
>> and it is not given prominence, Truly how are people going to find
>> OpenDyslexic... (we are talking about 7 to 10% of a population)...
>> Work is done to get more support for webfonts on mobile phones.. It is
>> being developed.
>> Thanks,
>>      GerardM

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