[Wikimedia-l] Status Botgeneration of articles on sv:wp

Anders Wennersten mail at anderswennersten.se
Sun Sep 1 11:45:22 UTC 2013

LsjBot has now finished generating articles of all animals and insects. 
it become close to 1 M. The articles are fine [1] and represent 
increased knowledge, but have problably only have had a limited effect 
on access to and edits on sv:wp. Sverker will after a pause continue 
with all plants (a few 100 thousands) and then plan to put all data in 

NaskoBot is now 95% ready generating articles on all Swedish lakes, 
50.000 (whereof a third not even having a name..) [2]. These articles 
are seen as very sound and really better then the ones manually created. 
Here we see these have generated an increased participation and edits as 
people now can get a proper links to all lakes in other geographic 
articles, and it is easy to complement the generated lake articles with 
local info and photos. We know these article generate "new" accesses, 
but it is still too early to know how many and how it will effect 
earlier webbsites with some of this info

Our next initiative we are working with is to get all data of Swedish 
communes, cities and towns 100 % correct in Wikidata (and also a 
semiautomatic update link to Wikidata from the Swedish statistical 
authorities databases). We thought our articles on these subjects were 
fine, but find we need to put in 6-9 month time to get the data from 
fine to 100% correct, and all the relevant data elements in place in 
Wikidata even if it only a few thousand articles . When we are ready we 
will have all the base data for these entities taken from Wikidata (not 
giving much improvement) but more important we will be able to provide 
100% quality data for other language versions to semiautomatic get data 
(or generate articles)  of these subjects, where we feel a special 
responsibility to secure global quality for.

We are familiar with the impressive work Cheersbot has done on vi:wp (a 
few hundred thousand article generated, on plants, geographical 
entities) and of course some knowledge of the work on nl:wp (several 
hundred thousands of articles generated), they were the one who inspired 
us. But  we are missing insight from initiatives on other language versions.

Are there other experiences that can be shared or is there a metapage or 
does it exist a maillist more dedicated to discuss these issues? (it is 
close to wikidata issues but it is not about the technicaliites of 
Wikidata hut more about how to implement use of basic data that involves 
special challenges outside of the wikidata technique)


[1] example spider from Ljsbot 
[2] example lake from NaskoBot 
https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blattnikselet list of lakes in a commune 
note the many without a name and the link to googlemap with flag to all 

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