[Wikimedia-l] New access to non-public information policy, re-ID requirements and data retention

Tomasz W. Kozlowski tomasz at twkozlowski.net
Mon Oct 14 19:11:49 UTC 2013

I would like to bring your attention to yet another discussion that's 
currently taking place, namely the one about the new privacy policy, and 
the related access to non-public information policy.

The privacy policy consultation is obviously important to all of us. but 
I'm personally more interested in the draft access to non-public 
information policy, which influences my daily work as an oversighter on 
Commons, and also the not-so-regular work as an OTRS agent.

It seems that the Wikimedia Foundation is planning to require users with 
access to non-public information to re-identify to them, this time with 
the intention to retain copies of the submitted IDs, for as long as 
those users have access to such information, and additional three years.

We already went through a similar discussion two and a half years ago, 
when the WMF planned to make all OTRS agents re-identify to them by 
sending a copy (or a scan) of their ID to a secure e-mail address (or by 
using another option provided).

This time, the new requirements are going to concern /all/ users with 
access to non-public information (such as OTRS agents, checkusers, 
oversighters, and stewards), and their IDs are planned to be kept by the 
Foundation, something which was never required before.

The discussion is taking place at 
and I invite every interested person (with a special invitation to 
people holding advanced user rights on any Wikimedia wiki) to take an 
active part in it.


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