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Osmar Valdebenito osmar at wikimedia.org.ar
Tue Oct 8 22:40:20 UTC 2013

Dear Wikimedians,

Here is the monthly report of Wikimedia Argentina for September 2013.
You can read the full report (in Spanish and English) here:
Also, the full reports of past months are available at

1. Wiki Loves Monuments Argentina 2013
2. 2nd Photo Safari in Buenos Aires
3. Wiki Loves Monuments goes to Antarctica!
4. Iberoamerican Women: Successful editing contest
5. Open talk: Wikipedia in the classroom

=== Wiki Loves Monuments Argentina 2013 ===

For the second year in a row, we organized the local edition of Wiki Loves
Monuments, the largest photo contest in the world. This time, we promoted
two new prizes: aside from the first, second and third prize and the other
7 finalists, we will give a special award to the participant who portraits
the largest number of monuments, and another special prize to the best
photo in the City of Buenos Aires. This award is given in the context of a
new agreement with the Ministry of Modernization of the Government of
Buenos Aires. The entity also provided a list of over 200 statues and
monuments that were now incorporated to the contest. Thanks to this, in
2013 the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, a classic to tourists and residents, were
eligible to participate as well as other sites, like 3 de Febrero Park and
Lezama Park, to count a few.

By the end of the contest, Argentina had 145 participants that uploaded
4,104 photos. All of these photos are now part of the more than 370,000
uploaded images from more than 50 countries all over the world. The winners
of the local edition will be published in a month, in the official web site.

As a way to support the contest, Wikimedia Argentina published two videos:
one announcing the contest and the other showing quickly how to participate
in it. The videos, which were made with a neutral accent so they can be
used in all Ibero America, were available on YouTube and Wikimedia Commons.

=== 2nd Photo Safari in Buenos Aires ===

On Saturday, September 28, at 2:30 pm, the second photo tour through Buenos
Aires City started, few days before the end of Wiki Loves Monument 2013.
This time, over 20 people joined the walk, in a tour that took us to the
most stunning parks in the city.

For three hours, we took pictures and talked about the monuments that
appear in the most unexpected corners of the city, illustrating several of
them for the first time with a freely-licensed photo. In this warm meeting
was a perfect opportunity to strength bonds between community members and
integrate new volunteers interested to participate in our projects.

=== Wiki Loves Monuments goes to Antarctica! ===

In order to expand the largest photo contest all over the world, Wikimedia
Argentina decided to organize a special edition of Wiki Loves Monuments
incorporating over 80 historical sites declared by the Antarctic Treaty .

Replicating the spirit of international cooperation present in both the
Antarctic Treaty and in the Wikimedia community, our chapter gathered
volunteers from various countries to cooperate in the organization of the
competition, leaving Wikimedia Argentina as coordinator. In addition , we
contacted institutions related to the "White continent " to support this
event, in particular , we had a very good acceptance by the Antarctic
Treaty Secretariat, based in Buenos Aires, and they decided to support the

The competition, which was always presented as a symbolic event, managed to
get 22 participating images from 4 different contestants. The first
Wikimedia activity conducted in Antarctica also helped to establish a
relationship with institutions of interest to our projects as the Antarctic
Treaty Secretariat or the Chilean Antarctic Institute (which will provide
one of the judges of the event). This is important for the development of
future projects to improve content related to our planet's southern tip.

=== Iberoamerican Women: Successful editing contest ===

The "Iberoamerican Women" editing contest took place for the second time
this year, from March 8 to August 30, with excellent results: 27
contributors joined this time, and over 1,200 new articles were created.
This surpassed by far the results of the first edition of this same
contest, held in 2011, which brought over 500 new articles, when 24
participants joined the competition.

The jury is formed by Cecilia Sagol, BA in Literature and coordinator of
Educ.ar; Paula Carri, journalist for Página/12 newspaper and coordinator of
the Platform for a free Internet without Discrimination, and at least 5
editors of Spanish Wikipedia. The names of the winners will be published in
the weeks to come.

=== Open talk: Wikipedia in the classroom ===

As part of Wikimedia Argentina's activities related to education, the open
talk "Wikipedia in the classroom" seeks to inspire teachers of different
levels in the use of the free encyclopedia in different teaching

The event was co-organized by Wikimedia Argentina and the National
University of North-West Buenos Aires (UNNOBA), and was held twice: on
Thursday, September 26, it took place in the city of Junín; and on Friday,
September 27, it was held in Pergamino. The presentation went over topics
described in the manual created by Wikimedia Argentina, trying to show to
teachers how they can use Wikipedia as a teaching tool.


Kind regards,

*Osmar Valdebenito G.*
Director Ejecutivo
A. C. Wikimedia Argentina
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