[Wikimedia-l] Wiki goes to radio: Möebius at Ibero 90.9

Ivan Martínez galaver at gmail.com
Fri May 31 16:32:11 UTC 2013


Dear all,

>From June 8, Wikimedia Mexico will co-produce "Möebius" a weekly radio
program in Ibero 90.9 FM [1], one of the trendsetter media in Mexico City. The
creative concept of the program is to find two topics allegedly disconnected
, but united by four or five Wikipedia articles, with a sound design that will
reinforce the concept.

It has been several months of planning the concept, which will serve to
further spread our mission in Mexico, thanks our GLAM partnering with the
Universidad Iberoamericana and their radio station, Ibero 90.9 FM.

This program will be conducted by Almendra Hernández, Carmen Alcázar and me. We
will upload the audios for those wishing to listen to them, so you can practice
your Spanish :)

Best regards.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XHUIA-FM


Iván Martínez
Wikimedia México A.C.

Imagina un mundo en donde cada persona del planeta pueda tener acceso libre
a la suma total del conocimiento humano.
Eso es lo que estamos haciendo <http://es.wikipedia.org>. *

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