[Wikimedia-l] Protecting the Encylopedia vs Destroying a human

Eddy Paine blogginged at outlook.com
Wed May 29 19:48:20 UTC 2013

Martijn, I think the main source of the problems here is that we have a users that wants to share the knowledge, share his edits and got locked out and will start doing or trying things so he can edit again. This can be strange behavior. Sure, people will not like it.I am sure that every user can use his temper and doing personal attacks. A personal attack is easy to do, hard to forgot and even harder to forgive. But then there is a discussion between two people from two sides.Copyright violations ARE a problem. But I didn't see any violations in the logs. If there are I strongly believe he should be blocked. Copyright violations can lead to legal costs and people don't donate for that. But again, I don't see logs about that.He is now blocked on the Dutch Wikipedia for what? 4 years? In between he has been a administrator on many projects and a good member of them. So I don't believe that he is unfit to work on a project. People voted him to be administrator, or doing work for the movement by handling mailing-list and blogs. So the question here is why can he work on projects for years without problems and got unfit for the WHOLE community on request by one or two projects. We got 700 projects? 

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