[Wikimedia-l] Translation into new languages and meeting at the NIH

James Heilman jmh649 at gmail.com
Fri May 24 12:59:58 UTC 2013

A group called iDISC out of Spain has approached me regarding translating
medical content from Spanish to K’iche and Q’eqchi languages. We have a
Wikipedia in Q'eqchi here http://qu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qhapaq_p%27anqa but
not one in K'iche.

The second issue is that we are needing simple Spanish medical content to
translate from as these languages have a limited medical vocabulary. I am
wondering if people know of such as source? Am going to be speaking with
the NIH next week to see what they have.

If people are in the Maryland area and wish to attend this Wikipedia and
Medicine event at the NIH please sign up here
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Medicine/May_2013 Would
be great to have more Wikipedians to help with the hands on editing

James Heilman
MD, CCFP-EM, Wikipedian

The Wikipedia Open Textbook of Medicine

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