[Wikimedia-l] New design for the list info page?

Quim Gil qgil at wikimedia.org
Tue May 21 06:09:30 UTC 2013

On 05/20/2013 10:56 PM, Federico Leva (Nemo) wrote:
> MZMcBride, 21/05/2013 04:22:
>> Quim Gil wrote:
>>> https://lists.wikimedia.org/mailman/listinfo/wikitech-announce
>>> Feedback, please.
>> I would love to see this design or something similar become the default
>> for Wikimedia's mailing lists. Compared to the current default,[1] I find
>> the new design vastly more friendly and engaging.
> Can't be the default because it's English only, isn't it. A workaround
> could be to remove custom linguistic content (for instance make "About
> Wikimedia Foundation" just "Wikimedia" and point it to some translatable
> page on Meta), but I've no idea how localisation of all this works.

Well, this *recommended* template could substitute the current default 
which doesn't offer localized links either. An improvement is an 
improvement, and I think the improvement for users is huge.

Then it is up to the admins of each list to implement this template or 
not, to take it as is or with modifications e.g. links to Spanish 
content for your Spanish speaking list. It's just a piece of HTML to be 
pasted in a web form.

Just give me a day or so to implement feedback and clean the code, and 
then the template will be ready to be applied by list admins with a 
simple copy&paste, with optional customization.

Quim Gil
Technical Contributor Coordinator @ Wikimedia Foundation

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