[Wikimedia-l] Patience

Michael Snow wikipedia at frontier.com
Wed May 15 07:05:58 UTC 2013

On 5/14/2013 11:48 PM, David Gerard wrote:
> On 15 May 2013 07:45, Michael Snow <wikipedia at frontier.com> wrote:
>> That last bit is critical; people have repeatedly suggested a certain
>> mistrust underlies the repeated flareups. Well, the reason that mistrust has
>> grown so much is because we are often impatient, and take shortcuts in order
>> to "get things done" (or so we believe).
> You're quite sure that's the root cause?
I'm addressing this as a structural issue, and there may be other ways 
to express it, but I'm not sure that talking about "the root cause" fits 
the nature of the problem. With apologies for lapsing into legal 
terminology, my message is not about proximate cause, such as for 
particular incidents. Rather, I am focusing on a cultural phenomenon, 
and as with most aspects of culture, certainly many factors may be at 
play, but I do feel sure that as to what I'm describing, this is a major 
part of the challenge. If you like, change that sentence to say "one" 
reason rather than "the", I think the rest of what I wrote is still just 
as valid.

--Michael Snow

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