[Wikimedia-l] AffComs $40,000 Hong Kong junket

Russavia russavia.wikipedia at gmail.com
Mon May 13 19:30:32 UTC 2013

Hi all,

It recently came to my attention by way of this blog by Odder
(http://twkozlowski.net/how-40k-dollars-turned-to-petty-cash/) that
the AffCom approved a $40,000 budget to send 9 of their members to HKG
in August (the 10th member lives in HKG). The issue was raised at
(I see the words "transparent" being used there a lot).

The budget request resolution was then published a
- discussion has carried on at

What we are seeing is that there is a lot evasive answers, with
questions not really being answered. After asking about accommodation,
it's been advised that AffCom is basically budgeting approximately
US$12,600 towards accommodation (based upon NINE single rooms for 7
nights at a cost of $200 per night). This, I feel, is an outrageous
amount of money to be spending. There is no reason that twin rooms can
not be used (i.e. 2 per room); or less "luxurious" accommodation can
be booked.

I understand that the guys on AffCom might feel like they are being
singled out here, but given that they are members of the community,
first and foremost, they should be open to such criticism on their
spending. It's unfortunate that none of the 9 feel it necessary to
comment there, given all the talk of transparency.

Perhaps some gentle nudges from others in the community (especially
those involved with Chapter wikipolitics) could get this particular
committee to understand that although WMF is flush with cash, this is
simply not on. I'll leave other issues which have been raised to
others. Odder's latest blog at
http://twkozlowski.net/saving-by-spending-according-to-affcom/ might
be of interest.



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