[Wikimedia-l] Go away, community (from WMF wiki at least)

Theo10011 de10011 at gmail.com
Sat May 11 16:15:59 UTC 2013

On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 9:32 PM, Tomasz W. Kozlowski <tomasz at twkozlowski.net
> wrote:

> [Yes, I do understand there is a considerable time difference, etc; I'll
> be patiently waiting for a response from the WMF.]

Might even have to wait till Monday. This was done on a Friday night I

There doesn't seem to be any method to how these rights are being assigned
and retained. Observations-

1) Only 2 of the current board members (besides Jimmy) have admin rights.
Prob. on the argument that they are community-elected?
2) A few of the current admins that retained their flag have never made a
contribution, or made any in the last year.
3) Phoebe for some reason, retains her right while currently not being on
staff or the board.
4) Only 2 people are prob. assigned on the basis of "advisory board"
without any explanation. There is no updated list to check who is on the
advisory board this time.

There does seem to be a pattern about how this is being cleaned up, and I
don't think Gayle is the impetus behind this though she is taking the blame
for it.


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