[Wikimedia-l] Looking for Wikimedia-l list administrator-moderators

J Alexandr Ledbury-Romanov alexandrdmitriromanov at gmail.com
Fri May 10 16:35:06 UTC 2013

As a reminder, the deadline for applications is this evening at 23:59 UTC.


2013/5/1 J Alexandr Ledbury-Romanov <alexandrdmitriromanov at gmail.com>

> We are looking for new administrator-moderators for Wikimedia-l. Ryan
> Lomonaco left the team a while ago, and I plan on stepping down as soon as
> the new team is on board.
> The main role of an administrator-moderator is to approve or deny posts
> that get held up in the moderation queue (post made by non subscribers,
> posts with attachments, posts to multiple addresses, posts sent by
> moderated users, etc.). Occasionally an administrator-moderator has to step
> in when a discussion gets out of hand. Even more rarely the role involves
> basic list administration, such as helping users to subscribe or
> unsubscribe manually from the list.
> Anyone interested in joining the team should send an email to *
> wikimedia-l-owner at lists.wikimedia.org* no later than 23:59 UTC on the
> 10th of May. Please include the following information:
> - Wikimedia username
> - Projects you are active on
> - Any roles you serve on those projects (e.g. administrator, bureaucrat,
> WikiProject coordinator, clerk, mediator, etc.)
> - Any other information that may be pertinent to the role
> Alex (User:AlexandrDmitri)

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