[Wikimedia-l] Two more Wikipedians-in-Residence in Norway

Erlend Bjørtvedt erlend at wikimedia.no
Thu May 9 10:16:46 UTC 2013

The cooperation between Wikimedia Norway and the National Antequarian of
Norway (Riksantikvaren), is taken a great step further by the latter
employing two wikipedians-in-residence at this vital cultural institution.

The National Antequarian is in charge of cultural heritage and historic
heritage site preservation in Norway, and manages a base of c. 100.000
cultural and historic heritage sites in Norway and Svalbard.

The cooperation started three years ago as the Wiki Loves Residence contest
in Norway got full access to the cultural heritage site database, leading
to suck cool apps like the WLM contest map:


Now, in cooperation with WMNO, the public entity submits for two
Wikipedians-in-residence, one focusing on textual and media conetnt, the
other focusing on technical development and WLM:


This will add to the two W-i-R's already installed in Norway, at museums.
The project specifically points to the Swedish "Riksantikvarieembetet"
project with W-i-R's.

The news were revealed on national radio this week:

The co-operation with the National Antequarian has it's own project site


WIkimedia Norge recently applied the WMF (FDC) for resources to support and
facilitate this and other co-operations with GLAM institutions. Eventhough
the Staff assessment was partly negative, we are going forward at full
speed with GLAM co-operations, including W-i-R projects.

This means that FDC funds (if the board approves) might allow for a minimum
staff backing, while the W-i-R's will be able to run the necessary
development on the ground and maybe assist marketing of the WLM project in
Norway this year - in co-operation with WMNO.

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