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Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce the first Program Evaluation and Design Workshop!

   - *When*: 22–23 June 2012
   - *Where*: Budapest, Hungary

The application process is now open. We have only 20 slots available for
this workshop and the application deadline ends on May 17th. This two-day
event will be followed by a pre-conference workshop at Wikimania 2013.
Ideally, applicants would commit to attending both events.

*Why are we offering this workshop?* Over the next couple of years, the
Wikimedia Foundation will be building capacity among program leaders around
evaluation and program design. A better understanding of how to increase
impact through better planning, execution and evaluation of programs &
activities will help us to move a step closer to achieving our mission of
offering a free, high quality encyclopedia to our readers around the world.

*What will take place at this and the following workshops?* Our long-term
goals are:

   1. Participants gain a basic shared understanding of program evaluation
   2. Participants will work collaboratively to map and prioritize
   measurable outcomes, beginning with a focus on the most common program &
   3. Participants will gain increased fluency in common language of
   evaluation (i.e. goals versus objectives, inputs & outputs versus outcomes
   & impact)
   4. Participants will learn and practice how to extract and report data
   using the UserMetrics API
   5. Participants will commit to working as a community of evaluation
   leaders who will implement evaluation strategies in their programmatic
   activities and report back at the pre-conference workshop at Wikimania 2013
   6. …and participants will have a lot of fun and enjoy networking with
   other program leaders!

We will publish a detailed agenda for the event in Budapest soon on meta.

*Which programs & activities are we going to focus on?* During the workshop
in Budapest, we will only have a limited amount of time. Therefore, we will
be focusing on the some of the more common programs & activities:

   - *Wikipedia editing workshops* where participants learn how to or
   actively edit (i.e. edit-a-thon, wikiparty, hands-on Wikipedia workshop)
   - *Content donations* through partnerships with GLAMs & related
   - *Wiki Takes/Expeditions* where volunteers participate in day/weekend
   events to photograph site specific content
   - *Wiki Loves Monuments* which takes place in September
   - *Education program/classroom editing* where volunteers support
   educators who have students editing Wikipedia in the classroom
   - *Writing competitions* which generally take place online in the form
   of contests, WikiCup, and challenges – often engaging experienced editors
   to improve content.

 *Who should apply?* Community members who play an *active role* in
planning and executing programs & activities as described above in the
Wikimedia community. Your experience and knowledge will make this workshop
a success!

*What about the costs for travel and accommodation?* Hotels, flights and
other transportation costs will be on your chapter; the Wikimedia
Foundation will provide the venue, handouts, breakfasts and light lunches,
and a dinner for all participants on Saturday. If you're not affiliated
with a chapter and cannot afford to attend the event, please send me a
private email – we have a small amount of money set aside for those cases.

Applications are open until May 17. You can apply via this Google

Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to a great group of

*Sarah Stierch**
Wikimedia Foundation Program Evaluation & Design Community Coordinator
and keep it free!

Visit me on Wikipedia <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:SarahStierch>!

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