[Wikimedia-l] UK.Gov passes Instagram Act

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Thu May 2 07:20:34 UTC 2013

On 2 May 2013 07:54, Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemowiki at gmail.com> wrote:
> If that's it, the law is completely useless, it just parrots general EU
> regulations. The big question in Europe is what qualifies as a "diligent
> search": I don't know if as usual UK wants to decide on its own, in any case
> it would be useful for WMUK to ask a committee or whatever to assist the
> Secretary of State in the decision and to be appointed/heard in such
> committee. Usually they only listen to publishers and sometimes librarians.
> Nemo

Nemo, don't underestimate the power of us. :-)

If a GLAM or a magazine with a long term digital archive (just two of
some pressing cases in my mind) would like help with logging an
official record of a "diligent search", then they could do much worse
than contacting us regulars on Wikimedia Commons and/or the UK Chapter
for assistance in generating and validating its content. For any
serious collection of orphan works of high public value, I would be
happy to spend several hours of my volunteer time contributing to a
wiki-based public search report and gaining opinions and additional
searches by our volunteers, many having highly developed understanding
of copyright, the nature of orphan works and where to check for
copyright claims and registration.

A couple of such example public reports would be highly likely to be
adopted by government as an reference case studies of implementation.

Shall we just do it?

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