[Wikimedia-l] Office hour inside out (program evaluation)

ENWP Pine deyntestiss at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 31 21:26:57 UTC 2013

Hi Asaf, WSC made several points here that address your question and that are very similar to my own views. http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/wikimedia-l/2013-March/124824.html  

After re-reading my email to Jessie and looking again at some of the recent WMF Monthly Reports, I think I may be making some assumptions about how Programs and Evaluations works that may be incorrect. Jessie, would you be willing to have an IRC office hour? I think that might address my questions and concerns faster than a prolonged email discussion on this list, although it has the disadvantage that fewer people are able to participate. Please email me off-list if you're willing to set up a time when we're both available.

Thanks, and happy Easter.


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