[Wikimedia-l] Announcement *please read*

Manuel Schneider manuel.schneider at wikimedia.ch
Wed Mar 27 22:11:53 UTC 2013

Dear Sue,

thanks for the honest and open mail. This is not a farewell mail either,
we still have much time to share.

But I'd like to reply to this point:

Am 27.03.2013 23:04, schrieb Sue Gardner:
> And that’s what I want to do next.
> I’ve always aimed to make the biggest contribution I can to the
> general public good. Today, this is pulling me towards a new and
> different role, one very much aligned with Wikimedia values and
> informed by my experiences here, and with the purpose of amplifying
> the voices of people advocating for the free and open internet. I
> don’t know exactly what this will look like [...]

In the context of the problems you listed in your mail I can only
recommend in trying to get a position at ICANN.

By the way Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia Österreich are members of ICANN
but due to our nature we are only part of the ALAC, so we don't have a
lot of impact. Much in the contrast of having you in a management
position there. That would be really interesting!

Wikimedia CH - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Lausanne, +41 (21) 34066-22 - www.wikimedia.ch

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